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Las Vegas Summer League; Day 2

Game one of todays action was the best game of the summer league so far. The Warriors and Hornets played a very fasted paced up tempo game with a lot of fouls and free throw

Both teams had a lot of players which NBA fans will be familiar with. The Hornets had eight guys NBA fans know, Cedric Simmons, Marcus Vincinius, Hilton Armstrong, Jack Vroman, Adam Haluska, Anthony Roberson, Julian Wright, Milt Palacio, and Hilton Armstrong. The Warriors had Kalenna Azubuike, Marco Belinelli, Patrick O’Bryant, Josh Powell, Stephane Lasme, Toby Bailey, and Brandan Wright.

This was a good game all around, both teams actually made baskets which have been a rarity in this league. The Hornets couldn’t stop Belinelli at all, he scored at will. The Hornets also took a lot of three point shots which they always seemed to miss.

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Team USA

      For the first time in nearly four years the United States is holding the gold medal, not in the Olympics but in the tournament of the Americas. The United States, who once where so dominate in the game of basketball has suddenly become an after thought in the game, not because of lack of talent but because of complacency and laziness.

      The last time the United States won a major world basketball event was in 2003, when the Americans won the tournament of the Americas in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Since then the United States has taken bronze twice, once in Athens during the 2004 Olympics and the other time in Japan during the 2006 World Basketball Championships. Since the end of the 2000 Sydney Olympics the once mighty Americans have seen their basketball empire crumble. In 2002 during the world basketball championship in Indianapolis the United States placed a distance sixth. The Americans continued to struggle into the 2004 games, losing an exhibition game to Italy, beating Germany on a buzzer beater, only to get pummeled by Puerto Rico and Argentina in the Olympics. In 2006 the United States did better, but still dropped an important game to Greece to finish third.

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Rocky Mountain Revue; Day 3

Mavs pushed the temp early and got a lot of easy points. Barea is a good slasher and able to dump the ball off to big men in the paint. Hawks struggled once again with fouls, committing four defensive and two offensive in the first five minutes.

Law did a much better job of running the offense, he was able to dish it off to Solomon Jones a couple of times for dunks. Nick Fazekas had some nice moves, but he’s mostly an outside type of guy.

Both teams really pushed the tempo, which lead to a fairly entertaining first quarter. Barea continued doing a nice job running the offense for the Mavericks. He is small but very good at getting to the hoop, and he is very quick.

Sheldon Williams did a nice job of getting himself in good places to grab rebounds and score in the first quarter. Towards the middle of the quarter the tempo slowed down a bit, with both teams running set plays.

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Rocky Mountain Revue: Day 2

Spurs got off to a quick start with two nice shots by melzer, than a sankidze dunk, but poor rebounding by the spurs allowed the Hawks to reel off 9 points in a row to take a 9-6 lead. Frederic Aniwanu got one of the strangest scores ever, a blocked shot by James white bounced off of aniwanu and into the hoop

The Spurs once again had trouble getting into their offense, on a couple of possessions they had a hard time getting it across half court. Turnovers also hurt both teams, in the first 7 minutes of the game each team had 6 traveling violations.

The hawks blew a four point lead on one possession, fouling Harvey, who missed the free throw, than following White who got a 3 point play. The Hawks seemed to have fouled the Spurs on every possession inside two minutes, but the spurs would miss 5 straight free throws. The Spurs did a nice job on the offensive glass giving themselves many extra shot opportunities, Sankidze was able to grab 3 offensive boards in the quarter, but for some reason was only credited with one. At the end of the first the Spurs lead 17-15

The teams traded baskets to start the second. Horford looked good again, scoring six points for Atlanta in the first three minutes. The Hawks went on a run at about the 7 minute mark and took a 26-21 lead after a Solomon Jones put back.

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Rocky Mountain Revue: Day 1

The Sixers got off to an early start, taking a 12-0 lead capped off by a Louis Amundson dunk. The Spurs defense was really lacking, which allowed the Sixers to get many uncontested shots in the paint.

The Sixers stifling defense caused the spurs a lot of problems in the first quarter, and it caused San Antonio to turn it over on six straight possessions, and the Sixers continually deflected the ball out of bounds.

The Sixers built a 20-point lead part way through the first quarter and would maintain it for most the quarter, even increasing it before the Spurs finally got some offense going. After the first quarter the Spurs trailed 32-14.

Offensively for the Sixers Louis Williams and Amundson caused havoc, Williams was able to get inside and even hit shots from the outside, while Amundson dominated Viktor Sankidze inside. Sankidze’s poor defense allowed Amundson to get a couple of dunks. Sankidze also fouled Amundson a couple of times trying to prevent dunks. Sankidze continually would switch leaving his man open.

Early in the second quarter the Sixers built up a 25-point lead, but turnovers allowed the Spurs to cut it to 18. Herbert Hill gave the Sixers a scoring boost in the quarter, he was able to knock down some jumpers which increased the lead. C.J. Watson did a nice job of running the offense for the Spurs, but the rest of his teammates didn’t do their job to get open. Everyone for the Spurs would stand outside waiting to launch up a three pointer. Louis Williams would leave the game and not comeback

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The Teams: Mavericks

They are the first of the modern expansion teams, the Modern expansion teams are any team from 1980 onward. They enjoyed initial success than fell by the way side in the 1990s, only to be resurrected as one of the power franchises of the 2000s. They are the Dallas Mavericks.

The Mavericks joined the NBA as the leagues 23rd team in 1980 for a cost of 12 million dollars. The Mavericks won their first game ever in the NBA by beating the Spurs, but would win only five out of their next 40 games and finish the season 15-67. The 1981 draft for the Mavericks is probably one of the most successful drafts for a team in league history, the Mavericks selected Mark Aguirre with the first pick, Rolando Blackman with the 9th pick, and Jay Vincent with the 24th pick. All three players would play key roles in rejuvenizing the team. The second season the Mavs finished second to last in the Midwest division with a 28-54 record.

In 82-83 the Mavericks made a push at the western conference playoffs, but at the time only six teams per conference made the playoffs and the Mavericks missed the final spot by seven games. The next season saw the Mavs finally break into the playoffs and finally get a winning record. In 83-84 the Mavericks went 43-39 and captured the 4th seed in the west. In the playoffs the Mavs defeated the Seattle Sonics in five games before losing to the Los Angles Lakers in five.

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Las Vegas Summer League; Day 3

The first game today was the Mavericks and Blazers. This game was a typical summer game with low scoring, bad passing and lots of fouls. This was also my first look at Greg Oden, and I have to say I am not impressed.

Oden was average at best, he did get 13 points but he did a poor job boxing out and had about ten fouls. Pops Mensah-Bosu actually did a better job than Oden, Pops got 13 boards, eight offensive, and ten points, he also kept Oden out of the paint

The game was close, but the Mavs lead by like 14 in the second half before Portland came back to get closer. Lamarcus Aldridge was the best player for the Blazers both offensively and defensively. Sergio Rodriguez also a nice job for the Blazers, but his backup Patteri Kaponon didn’t do a good job at all, he just couldn’t run the offense effectively.

For the Mavericks they got another good showing by Jose Juan Barea who got 17 points, but he needs to pass more because he doesn’t even look to. Caleb Green also had a nice game, he made all his shots and played hard.

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NBA Summer League; Day 1

Before the games began I found myself extremely excited, I had never previously attended NBA summer league and I really didn’t know what to expect. Well, I did have some expectations. I thought the games would be much like those of college basketball, slow and low scoring. My expectations were partially met, the games were low scoring but there action was a lot quicker than I expected.

My first game of the day was the Spurs and 76ers. Both teams had many guys who have played in the NBA or will play in the NBA on their rosters. The Sixers have ten guys who have either played or will play, they are first round picks Thaddeus Young, and Jason Smith, second round picks Derek Byars, and Hubert Hill, as well as 2006 second round pick Edin Bavcic. The Sixers have veterens too, they have 2006 picks Rodney Carney and Bobby Jones and 2005 pick Louis Williams, they also have Veteren Louis Amundson who previously played and UNLV and got a huge ovation. The Spurs only have four players who will or have played in the NBA. They include rookie Marcus Williams and veterens Jackie Butler, James White and Donnell Harvey.

The Sixers were a much better team than the Spurs, and they would lead most the game. The problem for the Sixers is that after their first unit of NBA veterens goes out their second string guys do not play very well together. The Spurs did have the lead for a while, but let it go because they can’t guard the three point line.

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Most important Rule changes

Each season the NBA makes a half dozen or so rule changes, most often these are minor rule changes which don’t affect the game at all, but sometimes these new rules have revolutionized the game of basketball. There have been at least 10 major rule changes which have changed the game beyond most of our comprehension, unless you watched the game before some of these rules were added you would have no idea what I mean.

Of the 10 major rule changed which completely affected the game, I narrowed down my list to just five. Five rule changes which have mostly benefitted the league and the game of basketball.

#5 Addition free throws after the teams fifth foul.
This rule, also known as the penalty, is one of the more unpopular ones. Many fans feel that this gives the referees to much control on a game, they feel that the refs could get a team into the penalty early than continually call ticky-tack fouls giving the opposing team free throws. But the season this rule exists is so that teams don’t constantly reach to try to get steals. This has allowed the game to speed up, and it actually helps to limit the number of fouls in a game.

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The Teams: The Cavaliers.

Success has always been a finger tip away from this team, from last second heroics by Michael Jordan, to being swept by the Spurs in the finals and all the horrid seasons in between; NBA life has been very tough for the Cleveland Cavaliers and their fans.

The Cavaliers, or Cavs for short, joined the NBA along with the Buffalo Braves, and Portland Trailblazers just before the 1970-71 season.

The first season of Cavs basketball was a dismal one, as they finished with a league worst 15 and 67-record. They would select first in the 1971 draft and select Norte Dames Austin Carr. However, Austin Carr injured his leg and would never recover. Carr who was one of college basketballs greatest players would come no where near that in the NBA, and with his injury the future hopes of the Cavs franchise looked in doubt. The Cavs would get some brighter news their third season as they would finish with a 32 and 50 record and players such as Bingo Smith looked like they could leave the franchise.

In their 5th season the Cavs would finally make the playoffs going 49 and 33, coach Bill Fitch would also be named NBA coach of the year. During the 76 playoffs the Cavs won their first series, a best of seven, vs. Washington, but would lose to the eventual Champion Boston Celtics. The Cavs would have identical 43-39 records during the 76-77, and 77-78 season, make the playoffs both years, but be bounced in the first.

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The Teams: Bulls

Next to the Celtics and Lakers this team is next in the number of NBA championships, and it’s not the San Antonio Spurs; it’s the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls became the NBA’s first expansion team when they joined the NBA in 1966, the difference between an expansion team and the other teams is that the expansion teams fill out their roster from available players on the other NBA teams. prior to this any team which joined the NBA either already had their roster filled out since they joined from another league, or they signed players to play for them as in the case of the Zyphers. The Bulls used the first ever expansion pick on Jerry Sloan, who was taken from the Baltimore Bullets.

Sloan would become the teams first star. Sloan was never much of an offensive threat, as his career high in points per game was 18 in 1971. Sloan’s biggest asset to the team was his defense, was a four time all-first team defensive player including being on the first ever all defensive team.

Besides being the first expansion team, the Bulls are also the first and only NBA expansion team to make the playoffs. The Bulls did so in the 1967 playoffs, but would end up losing to the Hawks in three games. The Bulls would make the playoffs their second year, despite having a losing record for the second straight season. The Bulls would miss the playoffs their third year, but would return in 1970 but lose again to the Hawks.

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Why Greg Oden should go #1

With the NBA draft a week away NBA general managers are scrambling to try and find that proverbial diamond in the rough that includes the owners of the top two picks in this years draft– the Portland Trailblazers and the Seattle Supersonics. While it is known that Greg Oden and Kevin Durant will go in the first two picks, some are wondering which will go first. Most mock drafts believe that Greg Oden will be the first pick, others say that the Blazers could surprise everyone and draft Durant. My Personnel belief is that the Blazers will do exactly as expected, and take Greg Oden.

The Center position in the NBA is the weakest it has ever been, with only one all-star caliber, real center in his prime, that being Houston’s Yao Ming. The Other centers in today’s NBA are either aging vets who can still play because of lack of competion...

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The Teams: Bobcats

They are the newest of the 30 NBA teams, formed in 2003. They are the Charlotte Bobcats.

The Bobcats history is thin at best, but in each of their first three seasons the team has gotten considerably better than the previous season. Their first season they won just 18 games, the next season that number jumped to 26, and just last season they finished with 33 wins.

The Bobcats were born out of the controversy of the Charlotte Hornets relocating after the 2002 season. Charlotte which had always had good attendance for its NBA games lost the Hornets because the city wouldn’t build a new arena for Hornets owner George Shinn.

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Spurs are worst dynasty ever!

Watching game four of the San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers was akin to watching a puppy being tortured, yes it really was that bad. The series had all the hallmarks of what is wrong with the NBA– the San Antonio Spurs are what is wrong with the NBA. The Spurs now have their fourth NBA championship, so now there is a lot of talk about the Spurs being a dynasty which is unfortunate for the sport because the Spurs if they are a dynasty are the worst dynasty in the history of American sports.

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The Teams: Boston Celtics

The Celtics begun play in 1946 as one of the original NBA teams, they, and the Knicks, are the only one of the original teams not to have moved in the 61-year history of the NBA.

The Celtics have won 16 NBA championships, the most of any NBA team. When making the finals, the Celtics have been one of the most proficient teams, winning 16 of their 19 NBA finals appearances.

During the early years of their existence the Celtics were amongst the worst teams in NBA history, ending up in last place for three of the first four years of existence. However in 1950 their luck would be forever altered when they hired Arnold “Red’ Auerbach. With Auerbach the Celtics finished the season nine games over .500, the first time in franchise history they had finished with a winning record.

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The Teams: The Hawks.

What team drafted both Bob Cousey and Bill Russell? If you said the Boston Celtics you would be completely wrong, it was the Atlanta Hawks, or should I say the Tri-City Blackhawks.

The Atlanta Hawks, one of the original teams to join the NBA and did so in 1946.

The Hawks relocated to Atlanta in 1968 after spending time in St Louis(55-68), Milwaukee(51-55), Tri-cities(47-51), and Buffalo(46-47).

They have made the NBA finals a total of four times, but won their only title in 1958 after beating the Boston Celtics.

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Trade Kobe Bryant?
So Kobe Bryant wants to be traded? Can’t say I am surprised, nor can I say I blame him. The Los Angeles Lakers have been a mess for about four years now. But Kobe isn’t completely right about the team not trying to get better, the Lakers have attempted to bring in pieces to put around Bryant it’s just that none of them worked.

Kobe does have a bad reputation in the NBA right now, from his constant fighting with Shaquille O’Neal in the early part of the decade and his perceived eventual forcing of O’Neal to be traded to Miami, to his rape case in Colorado and now this. Kobe has worn a lot of haters and supporters to the point were they just do not care anymore.

Kobe has been a bad apple since before he entered the NBA. In 1996 he publically stated that he didn’t want to play for certain teams, which forced the Charlotte Hornets, the team who drafted him, to trade him to the Lakers in exchange for center Vlade Divacs.

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Jazz-Spurs WCF recap with pictures

There are many words which could be used to described game four of the Western conference finals between the Jazz and Spurs, but I am going to use only one– deplorable.

There are very little positives that could be said about the game, both teams played horribly; the referees made bad call upon bad call all game long; the conduct of the fans inside Energy Solutions Arena was reprehensible; and the fact that this was a pivotal playoff game which was played like a preseason game made it all the worse.

Though the official tally for turnovers was 11 for the Spurs, and 17 for the Jazz, it seemed like a lot more. Both teams played sloppy mistake filled basketball throughout the game. Defense was pretty much nonexistent, since any time either team attempted to play defense they would be called for a foul. The lack of defense and low scoring affair give this game some sort of boring irony, neither team shot all that well especially when you take into account that both teams had been shooting around 50% for the series. The Jazz mustered a respectable 47 percent, while the Spurs got to 40 percent.

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Jazz-Spurs WCF recap with pictures

Some have said that home cooking is not much of a factor in the later rounds of the playoffs, but the Utah Jazz would tend to disagree. The Jazz pounded the Spurs 109-83 to get back into the series. The Jazz were trying to avoid going down 0-3, the Spurs were trying to win in Salt Lake City for the first time ever in the playoffs.

Getting blown out in Salt Lake City in the playoffs is nothing new for the Spurs franchise, of the nine games played in Salt Lake City eight have been Jazz victories of 10 or more points, and only 2 have of the games have been under 5 points; both in 1998.

Utah was trying to find something to get them back into the series after getting pounded in both games in San Antonio. Utah had struggled severely in the second quarter in both games, which would prove to be the deciding factor in both games.

The Game started out with the Spurs going on a tear, much like they had in the previous two games in the second quarter. The Spurs built up a quick nine point lead before a Jarron Collins three point play. Collins who had seen fewer than 10 combined minutes in the last seven games would play a huge factor for the Jazz by getting Tim Duncan into foul trouble

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6th Annual NHO Awards
The Users of NHO have chosen the winners of the 6th annual NHO awards. among the awards are MVP, MIP, and COTY.
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Coaching: East vs. West

Since the fall of the Chicago Bulls in 1998, analyst and sports fans alike have searched for the answer to one question; why is the Western Conference so much better than the Eastern Conference? Some have suggested that the discrepancies began as early as 1996 when Shaquille O’Neal left the Orlando Magic for the Los Angeles Lakers. Others have said that it is something that goes in spurts, with the East being stronger than the West for a period of time, than it switches to the West being stronger and than back to the East. But one thing which is seldom mentioned is the coaching in each conference, and how much better coached the West is compared to the East.

The East has won two of the last three NBA championships, with the Pistons taking the crown in 2004, and the Miami Heat winning it just last year. Before that however the West had won the previous five. A western conference team has also had the NBA’s best record six of the last eight years, including the last year of the Jordan lead Bulls

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Season Preview: Southwest

The Southwest division was the strongest division in the NBA last season, and it looks to be the strongest division this coming season as well. The Western Champion Mavericks are continuing to look good. the always tough Spurs have made some curious changes which could lead them back to another title. The Rockets should be healthy and looking to go back to the playoffs after a year long absence. the Hornets have gotten a lot better and deeper. And the Grizzlies have bolstered their team as well.

The biggest move within the division was the Hornets acquiring Peja Stojakovic from the Indiana Pacers, but there are other less noticed moves which should make a huge impact in the division. One such move was the trade between Houston and Memphis which saw the Rockets acquiring bronze medalist Shane Battier from the Grizzlies.

The Western Champions Mavericks have done a lot to change their roster from a year ago, they made a pair of trades with the Pacers to bring in Austin Croshere, and Anthony Johnson, plus they added some depth at the center position by signing un-drafted rookie Pops Mensah-Bonsu.

Along with Stojakovic, the Hornets made a other big moves. One was acquiring center Tyson Chandler from Chicago. The Hornets also signed Bobby Jackson to back-up 2006 Rookie of the year Chris Paul.

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Free Agents: the best remaining

With less than two months before the start of NBA training camp, most free agents have been snapped up, either by their old teams, or by another teaming looking to get better. This years crop of free agents wasn’t as deep as in years past, but there were still some major names to be had, such as the Bulls grabbing defensive minded Ben Wallace away from the Pistons.

Now we’re entering the middle of August, a month notoriously slow for NBA deals and transactions, but curiously there is still a hand full of solid players still available. With the exception of the Nene deal in Denver, not many teams have grossly overpaid for the average free agents. This has caused the value for a lot of players to drop dramatically, which could greatly benefit teams near or above the NBA salary cap.

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Rocky Mountain Revue: day 4

San Antonio vs. Philadelphia

The first game pits the undefeated 76ers against the often struggling Spurs. But it would be the Sixers who would struggle first as they turned the ball over on five of their first seven possessions. Melvin Sanders took advantage of the Philly turnovers and score four quick points to put the Spurs on top 4-0.

Philly continued to struggle in the first quarter as it took them three minutes to score, and they only scored on a Harold Jamison hook shot which made the score 6-2 Spurs.

Andre Brown had a huge game for the Spurs, scoring six points in the first quarter on an ally-oop, a lay-up, and dunking in a miss shot. Brown helped the Spurs build an early 14-4 lead.

Right when it looked like the Spurs were about to run away with the game, Louis Williams took over. Williams defense force Melvin Sanders to pass the ball rather than look for his shot, the other Spurs weren’t able to do to anything with the ball once they got it.

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Rocky Mountain Revue: Day 3
Dallas vs. Philadelphia

The first game of the day was between Philadelphia and Dallas. The Sixers continued their hot play by jumping out on the Mavs early with a 12-5 run, led by Louis Williams and Ivan McFarlin who both had a pair of lay-ups.

Dallas struggled early and often in this game. They finally got on the board after a Rawle Marshall jump shot. But Dallas would eventually heat up, after missing their first four shots and finish the quarter at 45%.

For as hot as the Mavericks shooting was in the first quarter, Marshall Strickland was even hotter. Strickland scored eight points in the first quarter to help the Sixers shoot 56% and take a 24-14 lead over the Mavs. Both teams shot the ball well in the first quarter, but turnovers plagued both sides, Dallas committed 10 turnovers to Philadelphias 6.

The hot shooting continued for the Sixers in the second quarter as Louis Williams really took over the game. Williams helped the Sixers go on a 10-2 run early in the quarter which really blew the game open for the Sixers.

With the Sixers leading 36-18, Rawle Marshall hit a pair of jumpers and a free throw to start a mini Dallas run, but turnovers once again forced Dallas to give up easy points to the Sixers who finished the quarter on an 8-0 run to take a 20-point lead going into the half

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Rocky Mountain Revue: day 2

San Antonio vs. Seattle

The Spurs got off to a hot start behind Rich Melzer, who got an easy lay-up on the opening play than followed that with a three pointer to give the Spurs an early 5-0 lead. The Sonics got a lot of good looks early, but just missed their shots; shots that the Spurs would turn into easy fast break points.

Ian Mahinmi bounced back from a poor game last night to have a solid one this afternoon. Mahinmis basket, and the ensuing free throw gave the Spurs an 8-0 lead with four minutes gone by. Seattle would finally get on the board after a pair of free throws by Ronnie Burrell, but the Spurs would answer with another Melzer three pointer, making the score 11-2.

Denham Brown would get the Sonics rolling late in the quarter, Brown would score four quick points, and get an assist to Andre Emmitt to close the score to 13-10.

The Sonics attacked the rim often during the game, led by Andre Emmitt, He would keep the Sonics within striking distance most of the game with his scoring and defense. An Emmitt lay up and ensuing free throw would give the Sonics their first lead of the night at 16-15.

The Spurs would be able to pull a head late in the quarter after a pair of dunks by the Smiths, one by Jamar, and one by Donta. The Spurs lead 19-18 after one.

The Second quarter saw the Spurs go into Rich Melzer again, as he got them started by getting an easy two. Seattle would go inside to Saer Sene, than outside to Yotem Helprin, who would hit a three putting the Sonics up 23-21.

The two teams would teeter-totter back and forth throughout most the early part of the second quarter. The Sonics would pull out in front after two Sene baskets and a basket from Noel Felix. Sene would score all eight of his points in the second quarter.

After the Sonics built a four-point lead at 31-27, the Spurs would use some hustle players to tie the score. First they would get a Jamar Smith dunk after a loose ball scramble, than a Mahinmi put back to tie the game at 31.

The Spurs would retake the lead after a couple of baskets from Melvin Sanders, and one by Mahinmi. The Spurs would extend their lead to 48-36 with about four minutes left.

Seattle would come roaring back behind Andre Emmitt and finish the quarter on a 15-6 run to bring the score to 54-51 at the half.

Both teams would trade baskets to start the second half. Andre Brown had a nice dunk that would eventually break a tie, only to have it answered by Andre Emmitt. The teams continued trading baskets with neither team getting up by more than four the entire quarter.

In the fourth quarter the Spurs did build up a nice cushion, but Andre Emmitt would tear it down and bring Seattle roaring back.

After two Emmitt lay-ups the Sonics took the lead at 67-66 with under a buck-twenty to play. Seattle had plenty of opportunities to put this game away, but they continued to miss easy shots. Jared Reiner was able to keep the ball in Seattles hands, but they were still unable to capitalize on it.

With thirty-seven seconds left, Tequan Dean hit a big three pointer to put the Spurs up 69-67, on the following possession Dean would hit two clutch free throws to give the Spurs a 71-67 lead.

Andre Emmitt would hit a three pointer to bring the score to 71-70, but Tequan Dean hit two more clutch free throws, and Emmitts half court buzzer beater was no good as the Spurs moved to 2-0 in the RMR with a 73-70 win.

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Rocky Mountain Revue Day 1

Seattle vs. Philadelphia

The Sonics and Sixers kicked off the 2006 Rocky Mountain Revue by giving the fans a great fast paced, high scoring game. The Sonics began the game scorching hot, but would cool down as the Sixers got hot in the second half.

Saer Sene started the game off by getting a loose ball and going up for a monster dunk, and getting fouled. Sene made the free throw giving the Sonics a 3-0 lead. The two teams traded turnovers before Steve Castleberry drove to the hole, only to be rejected by Sene.

Rodney Carney would get Philadelphias first basket on a running lay-up to make the game 3-2. However, the first quarter would belong to Saer Sene, who immediately responded with another dunk. Castleberry would get revenge on Sene for his early block by dunking on him later in the first to make the score 5-4.

Sonics veteran forward Noel Felix would score the first of his team high 19 points, when he grabbed and rebound, and put it back in and drew the foul. Felix hit the free throw making it 8-4. Philadelphia’s Bobby Jones was injured on this play and would have to leave the game, he would not return.

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Rocky Mountain Revue: Preview

The 2006 Reebok Rocky Mountain Revue is finally upon us. This year six teams will make up the revue, a considerable lesser amount than usual. This is in part due because of the Las Vegas revue which will be going on at the same time. None-the-less the thinning out of some teams will actually help the revue. Now all six teams will play six games, unlike in previous years where some teams would play as many as nine games, while other as few as two.

This years’ revue will offer the fans their first glimpses of the 2006 first round picks such as Shelden Williams (Atlanta), Ronnie Brewer (Utah), Rodney Carney (Philadelphia), Maurice Ager (Dallas). Five 2005 first round picks will also be playing in the revue including, Deron Williams (Utah), Marvin Williams (Atlanta), and Ian Mahinmi (San Antonio).

Second rounders include Dee Brown, and Paul Milsap of Utah, Bobby Jones, and Edin Bavcic of Philadelphia and Yotam Halperin and Denham Brown of Seattle.

This years review also contains a lot of veterans such as Noel Felix, Tony Bobbit, Andre Emmette, Deng Gai, Jared Reiner, Rawle Marshall, Pavel Podkolzine, Josh Powell, Harold Jamison, Robert Whaley, Hiram Fuller and Troy Rolle.

With all the rookies and veterans in this year’s revue, it’s sure to be a great one

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2006 Mock Draft

all 60 picks listed, from Toronto to Detorit.

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The Little Known Curse

After Dirk Nowitzki missed a last second jumper in game five of the NBA finals last night, the Miami Heat moved one game closer to their goal of capturing their first NBA title. A goal that has eluded every NBA expansion team that was created after 1970. Now Miami is one win away from becoming the first modern era expansion team to win a title, and ironically enough, Dallas is only two wins away from capturing the same feat. After the NBA's "age of expansion" from 1966 to 1971, which brought eight new teams into the NBA, the league has only added nine teams from 1974-2005.

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Point Guard comparison
NHO gives you the stats for Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson, Steve Nash, John Stockton and Isiah Thomas and lets you decide who is the greatest point guard of all time.
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5th annual NHO awards

MVP, MIP, COTY, DOPTY they are all here, and some of out very own awards.

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Utah Jazz vs Golden State Warriors recap w/ pictures

The Utah Jazz end the season, for the 22nd time in 23 years, with a record for 500 or better after defeating the Golden State Warriors in front of a Delta Center crowd to end the 2005-06 season. Carlos Boozer lead the Jazz with 26 points, 12 of which came in the 4th quarter, and Mehmet Okur and seldom used guard C.J. Miles added 23 each.

The Warriors entered the game having won two straight meetings in Utah against the Jazz, a place where the Warriors had previously not won since 1994. The Warriors were lead by rookies Monta Ellis who had 27, and Ike Diogu who had 20. The Warriors lead most of the way, and for most of the third quarter by 10.

The game starter very fast paced but sloppy, both teams were attacking the basket but turning the ball over in doing so. The Jazz seemed disinterested in the outcome of the game, and quickly fell behind. After the end of the first quarter the Warriors lead 36-27.

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Devin Brown returns to San Antonio

Last time Devin Brown was inside the AT&T Center, it wasn’t even called the AT&T center. It was the SBC Center, and it was game seven of the NBA finals, and Brown wasn’t playing for the Jazz, but the soon to be crowned champion–San Antonio Spurs.

Brown makes his first and only visit to San Antonio tonight, as the Jazz(40-40) take on the San Antonio Spurs(61-19). Brown, who went to college in San Antonio, and played for the Spurs for 2 ½ seasons, has been averaging a career best 7.6 points per game for the Jazz, He has appeared in all but one game for the Jazz, and has started 12 games.

Brown signed with the Jazz last September after the Spurs signed Michael Finley and it was apparent that Brown wouldn’t be getting many minutes if he returned to the Spurs. At first the signing of Brown was thought to be a very good move on the Jazz part, but Brown has struggled to learn the offense for most of the season. His poor play caused Jazz coach to sit him out of a game in mid January, after that Brown and Sloan had an off the court altercation.

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Blast from the past

Here at NHO we try to bring you the best historic information as possable. sometimes we have to go way back and find obsure facts, other times we can simple dip into our vaults and bring you stuff.

These articles were written between 2001-2002, none of them are pertitant any more, but you may find yourself reliving old long lost basketball memories as you read through them.

Article re-run.
Utah Jazz vs New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets

The New Orleans Hornets continued their slide vs. the Utah Jazz. The Hornets had lost six straight going into last nights game, and after a thumping by the Jazz the Hornets would be on their longest losing streak of the season at seven.

The Jazz who got their largest margin of victory of the season had lost two straight at home. Carlos Boozer lead all scorers with 21 points, Deron Williams added 20, and Mehmet Okur added 18 more for the Jazz, who had all five starters score in double figures

The Jazz started the game quickly, which is very uncharacteristic of them, Kirilenko made a top of the key jumper, and Mehmet Okur added a pair of free throws to give the Jazz a 4-0 lead. The Hornets got into things with a Rusual Butler jumper and followed by a Kirk Snyder three. Snyder a former Jazz player would score eight first quarter points to keep the Hornets in the game early.

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Utah Jazz vs Washington Wizards recap with pictures.

On a night when the Jazz had a special evening planned for Karl Malone, the Washington Wizards would be the only ones celebrating. The Wizards would win in the Delta Center for the second time in as many years with a 109-97 victory.

Gilbert Arenas lead the Wizards with 31, Antawn Jamison, and Caron Butler also added 27 for the Wizards who made a team record 16 three point baskets. Carlos Boozer lead the Jazz with 30 points, and Andrei Kirilenko added 21 more for Utah.

The Jazz started the game off with three free throws from Carlos Boozer, but the Wizards would hit their first three pointer shortly after. Utah would once again take the lead on a Deron Williams jumper, but after that it was all Washington

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Illinios losing the fight

Doesn’t anybody want to win the Big Ten Conference? The highest ranked team in the Big Ten, the No. 8 Illinois Fighting Illinois, slipped to fourth place in the conference Tuesday after dropping a 72-64 decision to the Michigan Wolverines. The Illinois were favored by 2 ½ points in Ann Arbor, but put up one of their poorer defensive efforts of the season to allow the Blue-and-Maize to snap their five-year losing streak against Illinois. It was also the first time in six contests that the final score went over the posted total.

Illinois has now lost three of its last five, going 2-3 against the spread in the process to fall to 13-10 ATS on the year. The latest defeat was at the hands of a Wolverines’ squad that was missing two starters: Lester Abram (ankle) and Chris Hunter (knee). But Michigan has outplayed expectations all season, going 12-8-1 ATS to sit just half a game behind the Illinois in the conference standings. And Illinois – playing on just one day of rest – faded yet again in the second half.

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Utah Jazz vs Chicago Bulls game recap. with pictures and video

The Utah Jazz had the game wrapped up in regulation, but a missed free throw, and a miscue on defense that left Ben Gordon open for a game tying three forced the game into overtime. Then in the overtime, the Chicago Bulls had the game wrapped up, before a Matt Harpring Jumper, two Mehmet Okur free throws, and finally an Okur three sealed the deal, and gave the Jazz a 109-107 win over the Chicago Bulls.

The game started out slow, despite both teams making their initial shots. The entire first quarter was a slow paced, hard fought, poorly officiated, rough contest. The Jazz went to the free throw line 12 times during the first quarter, and made only five of their freebies, while the Bulls made it to the charity strip eight times, making seven.

Ben Gordon lead the Bulls with 11 points in the first quarter, connecting on mostly easy jumpers from a few feet out. The Jazz got into foul trouble early in the quarter, with Deron Williams out with a sprained ankle, the Jazz were forced to use rookie C.J. Miles for a good portion of the first quarter

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Compare Kobe and Wilt: 81:100

Kobe Bryant made NBA history last night, scoring 81 points in a 122 to 104 win over the struggling Toronto Raptors. Not since March 2, 1962 has the NBA seen so many points scored by a single player. On that faithful March day in Hershey, Pennsylvania Wilt Chamberlain wowed an audience of a meir four thousand people, as he scored the record for most points in an NBA game with 100.

Bryant’s 81 points come a month and two days after he scored 62 against Dallas, including 36 in the third quarter. Bryant has been on a scoring rampage all season long, he had a streak of five 40 plus games, and has been average 45 points a game, since his two game banishment earlier this month. Bryant’s scoring rampage has reminded a lot of people of the scoring rampage in which Wilt Chamberlain embarked upon during the 1961-62 season. A season which saw Chamberlain average more than 50 points a game, and score an NBA record 100 points.

Many people consider Bryant’s performance as “selfish, or egotistical” when they compare his game to that of Chamberlains. But that is not the case; when Bryant began his tear, the Lakers trailed the Raptors by nearly 20 points. Bryant also shot well above 50%, going 26 for 48.

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Utah Jazz vs Miami Heat game recap. with pictures and video

The Miami Heat extended their winning streak over the Utah Jazz to four games with a 100 to 94 victory in Salt Lake City. Dwyane Wade lead the Heat with 31 points, while James Posey added 17. The Jazz, who dropped only their second game in their last ten, were lead by Andrei Kirilenko who had 25 points, and Mehmet Okur who had 20.

The Jazz took an early 2-0 advantage to take the lead, but Miami would answer with a 5-0 run, including a three pointer by James Posey; one of eight Miami trays for the night. The Jazz, however quickly answered with a nine point run of their own to take an 11 to 5 advantage.

The Heat would come back after a time out and go on a ten point run, where Posey would hit two more threes. Posey finished 5-8 from beyond the arc, and the Heat as a team finished 8-18.

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Utah Jazz vs Memphis Grizzlies w/Pictures

In one of the most improbable victories in recent franchise memory, the Utah Jazz stole a 105-102 decision from the Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizzlies lead by 18 at one point midway through the third quarter, before the Jazz went on a 25-2 run to take an 81-78 lead. Pau Gasol would lead all scorers with 32, but the night would belong to Utah’s Andrei Kirilenko who had 24 points, 14 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks.

The Jazz actually started out the gates playing pretty well, and at one point lead by 5 points. Kirilenko would score the first 7 points for the Jazz, while Gasol would score the first 8 for the Grizzlies. The turning point of the first half was when the Jazz lead by 4, Memphis took a time out and then scored 10 straight points to take the lead.

During the first quarter Pau Gasol was unstoppable, as he got 16 points, and 3 rebounds to help the Grizzlies build a seven-point lead. But the Jazz would comeback and by the end of the quarter they would cut the lead to just 3.

The Grizzlies would score the first 5 points of the second quarter to take an 8 point lead, before Milt Palacio would score on a driving lay-up. The Grizzlies however would be undaunted and extent their lead to 14 soon after the Jazz basket by Palacio

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Top 20 players to play for the Miami Heat

1-Alonzo Mourning: Without a doubt Alonzo Mourning has been the best player for the Miami Heat. Mourning is currently the teams all-time-leader in scoring, blocks and rebounds. Mourning first came to the Heat in 1995 for Glen Rice. In his first tenure in Miami Mourning turned the Heat into a title contender. Mourning left the Heat in 2003 to join the Nets, but he would be back as he joined the team again in 2004.

2-Glen Rice: Glen Rice was the teams first star. He joined the team their second year, and lead them to their first ever playoff birth in 1992. He was also the first heat Player to average 20+ points per game, accomplishing the feat in 1991-92 with an average of 22 points a game.

3-Dwayne Wade: Currently Wade ranks third on the list, this will change as his career goes along. Wade was chosen by the Heat in the 2003 draft, when he was taken 5th overall, making him the highest picked Heat player since Steve Smith in 1992. Wade impact on the team was immediate, he turned a team that was im complete disarray into a playoff caliber team, and then finally with the addition of Shaq into a championship caliber team.

4-Tim Hardaway: Tim Hardaway brought his Killer-Crossover to Miami, from Golden State, in 1995 via a trade. He and Mourning helped transform the Heat into a contender. He lead the team in scoring, and assist in 1996-97, making him one of only a handful of players to ever lead their team in both points and assist.

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Top 50 players to play for the Utah Jazz

1t- Karl Malone: Two time MVP, second leading scorer in NBA history, what’s not to like about Karl Malone? Well other than when he talks about himself he talks in the third person. Regardless if you like him or not, he is passably the greatest player to ever play the power forward spot in NBA history, he and Stockton lead the Jazz to their only two NBA finals’ appearances, and he is probably the most recognized player to ever play for the Jazz.

1t- John Stockton: He and Malone made the Jazz for 18 years from 1985-2003, in that time the lead the team to its only Western Conference finals appearances, its only two NBA finals’ appearances, and made Utah one of the consistently best teams of the 90s. Stockton’s points per game average don’t reach out and grab you, but his assist and steals per game averages do. Stockton is the NBA all-time leader in both categories and one of the 50 greatest NBA players.

3- Adrian Dantley: AD, is quite possible the greatest forgotten star of the 80s, while his defense lacked, his scoring was phenomenal. Dantley was a 56% field goal shooter for the Jazz, and averaged over 30 points a game four seasons, a feat no other Jazzman has yet to accomplish, his 29.6 point per game average is a top the Jazz points per game leader board.

4-Pete Maravich: Pistol Pete Maravich, the Jazz first star. Maravich was traded to the Jazz for the #1 pick in 1974 from the Atlanta Hawks. Maravich was a three-time all-star for the Jazz, and the teams first player to average 30 or more a game. Maravich was also the first Jazz player to have his number retired.

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NBA Refs making wrong decissions

Last Thursday as I sat glued to my TV watching TNT I couldn’t help but wonder, do the refs call these games fair? Then I got my answear, which was an emphatic NO! It seems like since the mid 1990s the refereeing crews of NBA games have been getting worse, and more blantantly giving calls to certain teams and players. Thursdays game between the Spurs and Mavericks, where Dirk Nowitzki pushes Tim Duncan out of bounds, and no foul is called is a great example of what I’m talking about. It was an obvious call, but it wasn’t called. The reason for it not to be called was, to make the game more interesting for the TV audiance. Which I find utterly rediculas. This is a game, inwhich there are hundreds of variables, that is what makes us fans. If we wanted to watch something made for TV entertainment, we would watch pro wrestling.

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Utah Jazz vs Golden State Warriors

In one of the worst fourth quarter collapses in NBA history, the Golden State Warriors escaped with a 94 to 90 win over the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake City. This is Golden States second consecutive win over the Jazz in Salt Lake City, after failing to win in their previous 19 trips to the Delta Center. Jason Richardson lead all scorers with 29 points, and Deron Williams lead the Jazz with a career high 24 points.

The Game started off slow, but after an Adonal Foyle missed lay up, Deron Williams would go cost to cost for a lay up of his own and be fouled, Williams would miss the ensuing free throw, but the Jazz got the offensive board, and Gordon Giricek hit an outside jumper, making it a 6-point swing. This started a 13-0 run by the Jazz, lead by Williams who had six points in the run, and nine to finish the quarter. The Jazz took a 29-20 lead at the end of one.

The Jazz started out quick again in the second quarter leading by as many as 18. Ike Diogu got his first minutes of the season for the Warriors and wouldn’t disappoint. Diogu would score seven points, grab two boards, and get a block in the second as he tried to keep the Warriors with the Jazz. The Warriors had a quick spirt at the end of the second to cut the Jazz lead to 11 at 51-40.

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Jazz-Grizzlies recap. w/pictures

In an ugly and poorly refereed contest the Memphis Grizzlies won an 80-72 decision over the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake City. Jazz rookie Deron Williams matched his career high of 21 points to lead all scorers, and Mike Miller lead the Grizzlies with 18.

The Grizzlies scored the first four points of the game, before Matt Harpring scored five quick points for the Jazz, giving the Jazz their only lead at 5-4. The Grizzlies would score on their next two possessions making it 8-5. The Grizzlies built up an early six point lead midway though the first quarter before Devin Brown provided a spark for the Jazz, coming off the bench to score six quick points. The Grizzlies three point shooting, and second chance points would be the main factor as to why they won the game. The Grizzlies had four offensive rebounds in the first quarter which accounted for six second chance points, the Grizzlies also hit 3 three-pointers and would take a 23-18 lead into the second quarter.

Both teams continued to have shooting woes in the second quarter, the Grizzlies however continued to grab the offensive boards which lead to 10 more second chance points. The Grizzlies held a 6 to 8 point lead though-out most the quarter, a few Jazz runs would cut the Memphis lead to as low as 2, but the Grizzlies would always find a way to answer. The Grizzlies played a good defensive game limiting Jazz forward Mehmet Okur to just 4 points in the half. The Grizzlies would take an eight-point lead into the locker-room at halftime.

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Eagles WR Owens to play for Heat?

Well the Rumor mill is ablaze again involving the Miami Heat, this time it seems to involve disgrunteled Eagles wide reciver Terrell Owens; yes the NFL one. Since being placed on indeterminalbe suspension a few weeks ago Owens has been looking for something else to do, he patitioned the NFL Players union to try and convince the Eagles to release him, and since that is unlikly, he is now trying to make the NBA.

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Miami Heat Problems

The Miami Heat were supposed to be one of the most dominate teams in the NBA this year, but so far they have just been a mediocre 4 and 3. This may be good for someone like Utah or Minnesota who are coming off losing seasons, but for a team who went out and acquired Jason Williams, and Antoine Walker this may look like a complete failure. That however is the furthest from the truth.

The Heat have also lost All-star center Shaquille O’Neal, now while Alonzo Mourning may be a good stop gap fro now, he is and never has been a Shaq type player. The loss of Shaq has been a huge factor for the Heat, who have been struggling to score compared to the ease of which they did so last season. The 2005-06 Heat are averaging, just 96 points a game, while their season ago

The Heat have also had two games against the rejuvenated Indiana Pacers. The Pacers who got back Ron Artest from his season long injury have been a thorn in Miami side for years now, beating the Heat 14 out of their last 15 regular season meetings. The Heat’s only other loss of the season comes to the Milwaukee Bucks, who lead by #1 pick Andrew Bogut and Michael Redd caused the Heat match up problems, not to mention the Bucks shot 50% from the field. The one game the Heat did have Shaq for, they beat the Grizzlies by 19.

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Could the Clippers be good?

Tinsel Town Change

Since moving to San Diego in 1979 the Clippers have become the perennial whipping boys of the NBA.. Since that time the Clippers have made the playoffs only three times, in fact the Clippers have had more top 3 picks then playoff appearances since then. But could things be on the change for the Clippers?

In last years draft the Clippers selected high schooler Shaun Livingston with the fourth pick. The team has also been steadily trying to change its reputation since being called the worst franchise in sports in a 2000 issue of Sports Illustrated. Owner Donald Sterling spent a lot of money to keep Elton Brand and Corey Maggetti clippers. This being an oddity since Sterling has the reputation as being the leagues cheapest owner.

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Carmelo Anthony lead all scoring with 21 points, and former Utes guard Andre Miller added 15 as the Nuggets won a 89 to 83 decision over the Jazz at the Delta Center. Mehmet Okur lead the Jazz with 19, including 7 in the first quarter, and Deron Williams chipped in 12 off the bench for the Jazz, who lost their 3rd pre-season game in a row. The game can be summarized quite easily; the Nuggets have a 5-10 point lead, Jazz come back and cut it to 1 or 2 points, then Jazz make stupid turnover, and the Nuggets league goes up to 5-10 points.

The Nuggets started off hot from the field connecting on 10 of their first 12 shots, building a 22 to 11 lead with out 4 minutes to go. The Jazz came back and got with-in one at 22-21, but turnovers by Deron Williams and Kris Humphries allowed the Nuggets to take a 26 to 21 lead after one.

The Jazz made another run at the Nuggets early in the second quarter and tied the game at 32 with a Jarron Collins free throw, but once again turnover hurt the Jazz. The Nuggets also proved to be much scrappier then the Jazz, as they dove for loose balls, and tipped many passes which lead to easy fast break points. The Nuggets scrappiness allowed them to go on another run at the end of the second to extend their lead to 49-41, this is after the Jazz cut the lead to 41-39

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History of Basketball: Part III

The sixties were a time of great political upheaval, and internal struggle’s thought-out the United States and the world. From assassinations to Vietnam to the Moon, Americans’ eyes were turned constantly to the TV. For the NBA, this meant big money from lucrative TV deals, it also meant others would try to challenge them for the new found wealth that TV brought. By decades end the Basketball world would know two major professional leagues, one of the larger markets and the other of smaller markets. Both with their own stars and own rules, but both would dramatically shape the way the game is played. Also the NBA in the sixties can be summed up quite easily, “the Boston Celtics are World Champions Once again”-Johnny Most. The Celtics would win 8 of the 10 championships in the decade in one of the most dominating eras’ in sports history.


As the decade started the United States was still in a sort of “Pax Americana”, the prosperity of the 50s had carried over into the new decade. In the summer of 1960 the United States won the gold metal lead behind All-Americans Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, Jerry Lucas and Walt Bellamy. In the Draft Cincinnati’s Oscar Robertson found that he wouldn’t have to travel far to play basketball, he was drafted by him hometown Royals. West from West Virginia was drafted by the Lakers, but instead of having to play in the frigid Midwest, West found himself in sunny southern California. Lucas and Bellamy would both return to the ranks of the NCAA.

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New Jersey Nets vs Philadelphia 76ers

great game, even if it was only a pre-season game. this could be a preview of a new rivalry in the NBA, as the game came down to the last seconds. Jason Kidd was very inconsistant, showing that he's getting old. Iguodala has great potential, simular to that of Richard Jefferson. Korver is a great 3 point shooter. Krstic has been improving his rebounding abilities, while Marc Jackson has been improving his jumping. Jacque Vaughn playing more agressivly and stronger and seems if he has been lifting weights. Deng Gai also has some potential. Lee Nailon is a poor free throw shooter. Carter is one of the best dunkers in the NBA.

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Utah Jazz vs Phoenix Suns game review: with Pictures

The Phoenix Suns continued their winning ways from a season ago in a 106 to 95 win over the Utah Jazz. Former Jazz guard Raja Bell lead all scorers with 20 points in his first trip back to Salt Lake City since departing in August. The Suns combined to go 10-28 from the three point line lead by Bell and newly acquired James Jones.

The First quarter was a closely contested fight as both teams scored often, Kris Humphries had all 11 of his points in the quarter. Jazz first round pick Deron Williams saw his only minutes of the game in the first quarter, he would leave the game with 4 minutes in the quarter after he picked up his third foul. The Jazz had a problem with screens all night long, they either misread them, or went though them. This lead to many offense fouls for the Jazz on the offensive end, and many easy points for the Sun.

The Second quarter opened with both teams knotted at 26, the Jazz lead by Jarron Collins built up and early 5 point lead. The Suns post defense once again let the Jazz big men come and go as they pleased. On the other side of the ball the Suns got many uncontested three point shots. The Game teeter-tottered back and forth for most of the quarter, it wasn’t until the Jazz inserted C.J. Miles did things begin to change. The Suns went on a 10-4 run to take a four point lead with second left in the quarter, but Keith McLeod hit a jumper to bring the Jazz with-in two.

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Grizzlies Hold Annual Open Practice

In their first scrimmage before thousands of their biggest critics, the Memphis Grizzlies hosted their fifth annual open practice, which allowed fans to watch Coach Mike Fratello run the team through a “game like” scrimmage and showcased the team’s new additions.

“You don’t get that many opportunities during the course of the season to break away from the routine an have what you would call an abnormal session and come interact with the people who are caring for the games through the entire season with their support,” Fratello told grizzlies.com after the scrimmage.

It was the first opportunity for Grizzlies fans to watch first round pick Hakim Warrick (Syracuse) play in a game situation, along with free agents Anthony Roberson, Kimani Ffriend, Kennedy Winston and second round pick Lawrence Roberts. Unfortunately, for the near 5,000 Grizzlies fans in attendance, Roberts was held out of the open practice due to a knee injury he is recuperating from.

The team was divided up with the white team playing the blue team. The white team, with Pau Gasol, Shane Battier, Eddie Jones, Damon Stoudamire and Lorenzen Wright beat the blue team with Bobby Jackson, Hakim Warrick, Dahntay Jones and Antonio Burks, 33-19 after the 20-minute scrimmage. Veterans Mike Miller and Brian Cardinal also did not participate as they were healing from nagging injuries.

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History of Basketball: Part III


The 50s saw the end of one great dynasty and the beginning of an even greater one. It saw the fathers of the NBL fade away only to be replaced with some of the NBA’s first true superstars. The decade also saw some hard times, and it also saw some very good times. It was a time of short shorts and no dunking, and great innovations into the game.


When the 49-50 season ended everyone had high hopes, those hopes were soon dashed when the Chicago Stags, the St Louis Bombers, the Anderson Packers, the Sheboygan Redskins, the Waterloo Hawks, and the Denver Nuggets all either disbanded or left the league. Despite the losses the league continued on with it’s remaining eleven teams, but it suffered another setback when at mid-season the Washington Capitols closed their doors leaving the league with just ten teams. On November 22, 1950 in a game between Minneapolis and Fort Wayne, with the Lakers leading 18-17 at the half, the Pistons held the ball the entire second half, until Larry Foust scored a lay-up with six seconds left to give the Pistons the 19-18 win; The Game still remains the lowest scoring game in NBA History. The NBA also added a new innovation; the annual All-star game was first played in Boston on March 2 of 1951.

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