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We Need Writers!

Nbahoopsonline.com is a hugely popular basketball site for basketball history, but we want to expand and offer daily colums of great basketball articles; but we need your help.

Currently we get between 10-12 thousand hits a day, but a lot of our hits are people who are just looking for a particular basketball fact, than they go on about their business; which is fine thats why we came up with this site. but wouldn't it be cool if we could keep people comming back day after day to read some of the best basketball columns on the net?

That's where you come in. write a really good article for the webiste and it will be published so that many more people will see it. This is a great oppertunity for anyone who wants to get a foot into the door of professional sports media. If you prove yourself to be a great writer and valuble contributor you could end up coving the NBA Summer league, the regular season and even the playoffs for us.

If you're interested please contact us at Rednecksbasketball@yahoo.com