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Quick facts:

Founded:  1948 
Folded:   1950   
Arena:    McElroy Auditorium  
          Waterloo, IA
Built in: 1936
Capacity: 5,155
Cost:     $105,000
Titles:   none
Playoffs: none
Owner:    P.L. "Pinkie" George
Colors:   Black, Gold, and White

Hawks Standings

Season League W L % Playoffs
1948-49 NBL 30 32 .484 None
1949-50 NBA 19 43 .306 None
1950-51 NPBL 32 24 .571 League Disbanded

The Hawks are the only professional team in any of the US big 4 sports (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL) to permanently call the state of Iowa home. The Tri-Cities Blackhawks, now the Atlanta Hawks did play in Davenport but most of their home games were in Molina, Il.

The Name:
Both the Tri-Cities team and the Hawks were named after the Chief Blackhawk, who lead a long standing war against the US Government in the area in the 19th century.

When the Waterloo Hawks disbanded and the Tri-Cities team moved to Milwaukee, they took the Hawks moniker which they keep to this day.

The Christmas Day Miracle:
On Christmas day in 1949 the Hawks trailed the hotshot Indianapolis Olympians by 12 points with 48 seconds left. The Olympians were short on players due to injuries and foul trouble and a player got his 6th personal foul, and with no one to replace him a technical foul was called. This process repeated itself several times allowing the Hawks to make one of the greatest comebacks in NBA history as they would win the game 97-93.

The game saw the Olympians called for 90 personal fouls and the Hawks shooting 45 free throws.

3 Leagues:
The Hawks have the distinction of being one of the few teams in basketball history to play in 3 different leagues in 3 different seasons. The Hawks started out in the National Basketball League, and when the NBL merged with the BAA they moved to the NBA. After one season in the NBA they and several other former NBL teams were forced out and formed the NPBL. The NPBL didn't last a full season before it and the Hawks disbanded.

McElroy Auditorium

Waterloo Hawks vs Denver Nuggets ticket

Ben Schadler

News stories about the Waterloo Hawks vs Hammond Bucs and vs the Tri-Cities Blackhawks

Noble Jorgensen

Dale Hamilton

Johnny Payak

Harry Boykoff

Wayne See

1949-50 Waterloo Hawks team photo

Waterloo Hawks vs Minneapolis Lakers

Anderson's Ed Stanczak trying to steal the ball from Waterloo's Don Boven.



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