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Founded:  1938
Folded:   1951
Arena:    Eagle Auditorium (1938-1942)
Capacity: 1,200           
          Sheboygan Municipal Auditorium and Armory 1942-1951)
Capacity: 3,500 
Formerly: The Enzo Jels
Titles:   No NBA titles
          NBL championship  1942-43
          NPBL championship 1950-51. 
Playoffs: 9

1938-49 NBL Sheboygan Red Skins 
1949-50 NBA Sheboygan Red Skins 
1950-51 NPBL Sheboygan Red Skins
The Red Skins began life as the Enzo Jels and were a barnstorming team who playd mostly against other midwest team. There were several teams in Sheboygan befor ethe Jels that could claim historical parentship of the Red Skins franchise, but it was the Jels who compiled a 17-3 record against some of the best barnstorming teams in the nation in 1937 and got invited to the NBL.

Upon entering the NBL the Jels became the Red Skins.

The Red Skins struggled their first year in the NBL but soon found their grove and became one of the more successful franchises in the league. The Red Skins would make 5 NBL finals appearence but only winning the crown once in 1943 when they beat the Fort Wayne Pistons.

Because of their succes and their relative close proximity to both Chicago and Milwaukee, the Red Skins were allowed to join the NBA when the NBL and BAA merged in 1949.

The Red Skins struggled to adapt ot the NBA going 22-40 in their only season in the league, however, they did make the playoffs but lost in 3 games to the Indianapolis Olympians. The Red Skins did give the heavily favored Olympians a run for their money, losing by only 1 in game 1 and then defeated the Olympians in game 2 but would the Olympians prevailed in game 3 and won the series.

Due to financial issues and the fact that they played in one of the leagues smallest cities, the Red Skins along with the Nuggets, Hawks, and Packers left the NBA and formed the NPBL. The Red Skins seen some success in the league, but the league it self was unstable and disbanded half way through the first season taking all its teams with it.

The Red Skins were reformed the following year as a barnstorming team but the luster was gone and barnstormers found it harder and harder to make a decent living having to compete with the likes of the NBA for both players and fans.

NBA Scoring Record:
Bobby Cook scored a than NBA record for most points in a game when he scored 44 points while playing for the Red Skins in a game against the Denver Nuggets.

Sheboygan Armony

Sheboygan Redskins 1939

Sheboygan Redskins 1939-40

Sheboygan Redskins 1940

Sheboygan Redskins 1943

Sheboygan Redskins ad circa 1941

Glen "Sparky" Adams

Scorebook from 48/49

Don Grate

Ed Dancker

Luther Harris

NBL game between the Chicago Gears and the Sheboygan Red Skins

Team photo circa 1943. Red Skins were one of the first teams to break the color barrier.

News article about a game between Sheboygan and Hammond

1943 NBL Champions photo

Authentic Uniforms in Museums and Collections

These are modern photo's of the Redskins facilities and uniforms.

Bill McDonald

Bobby Cook

Fred Lewis

Paul Sokody



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