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Quick facts:

Founded:  1946
Folded:   1949
Arena:    Rhode Island Auditorium
          1111 North Main Street
          Providence, Rhode Island
Built in: 1926
Capacity: 5300
Titles:   None
Playoffs: 1

1946-49 BAA Providence Steam Rollers 

Coachs: 4 
Robert Morris    1946-47 
Nat Hickey       1947-48 
Albert Soar      1947-48 
Ken Loeffler     1948-49 

Owner: Louis Pieri

Just plain bad:
The Steamrollers rightfully could be called the worst NBA team in the history of the NBA. In their 3 seasons they managed to win only 46 games out of the 122 that they played in for a 37.7% win percentage.

Fun Facts:
Nat Hickey, 46, is the oldest NBA player ever.

Not so fun Facts:
The Steamroller six wins in 47-48 is still an NBA low.

Its in the name:
The team took its name from the NFL franchise that was also called the Providence Steamrollers which played from 1916-1933. They won the NFL championship in 1928 and are the last NFL champion to no longer be in the league.

Christmas Tradition:
The first ever Christmas day NBA game was between the New York Knicks and the Providence Steamrollers. The Knicks won 89-75.

Rhode Island Auditorium

Bob Hubbard

Ernie Calverley

Kenny Sailors

Pittsburgh vs Providence.

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