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Quick facts:

Founded:    1946
Folded:     1947
Arena:      Detroit Olympia
            5920 Grand River Avenue Detroit, Michigan
Capacity:   15,000
Built in:   1927
Closed:     1979
Demolished: 1987
Titles:     None
Playoffs:   None

1946    BAA Indianapolis 
1946-47 BAA Detroit Falcons 

Coachs: 2 
Glenn Curtis   1946/47 
Philip Sachs   1946/47 

Season  W  L   % Playoffs Results 
1946-47 20 40 .333  

Detroit Olympian.

Ariel Maughan

Falcons battle for a rebound vs the Knicks in 1946.

Game program possibly from the same game

Celtics vs Falcons.


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