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Quick facts:

Founded:    1946
Folded:     1947
Arena:      Detroit Olympia
            5920 Grand River Avenue Detroit, Michigan
Capacity:   15,000
Built in:   1927
Closed:     1979
Demolished: 1987
Titles:     None
Playoffs:   None

1946    BAA Indianapolis 
1946-47 BAA Detroit Falcons 

Coachs: 2 
Glenn Curtis   1946/47 
Philip Sachs   1946/47 

Season  W  L   % Playoffs Results 
1946-47 20 40 .333  

Head-to-Head with the NBL:
The Falcons were in a unique position in the BAA's early history, they were in the only market to directly compete with the National Basketball League, the BAA's cheif competitor.

The same year that the BAA was founded and the Falcons joined the upstart league, the NBL announced that a new team was to replace the Detroit Eagles, who had folded a few seasons prior, in Detroit. The new Detroit team was called the Gems.

Both the Falcons and the Gems were terrible basketball teams, and competing against each other made them both financial failures. The Falcons finished their only season going 20-40, which was a lot better than the Gems who managed to go just 4-40.

The Falcons folded following their only season in the BAA, while the Gems got sold to an investor groud in Minneapolis and were renamed the Lakers.

Detroit Olympian.

Ariel Maughan

Falcons battle for a rebound vs the Knicks in 1946.

Game program possibly from the same game

Celtics vs Falcons.


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