Larry Hughes: Unsung all-star

The Eastern conference is full of high profile, high flying, high scoring guards, like Steve Francis, Allen Iverson, Paul Pierce, Lebron James and Stephon Marbury. But there is another guard who is scoring over 20 points a game, averaging over five assist a game, and is on a team with a winning record. Washington Wizards guard Larry Hughes is that guard.

Hughes a first round draft pick by the Philadelphia 76ers joined the Wizards after a stint in Golden State, is having the best season of his career. And is helping lead the Wizards into the playoffs. But all of this may be ignored come February when the NBA has its annual all-star game. Despite playing on a team with a winning record, and averaging over 20 a game. Larry Hughes probably wont join other Eastern All-star for the mid-season classic in Denver, Colorado.

Hughes is a victim of unfortunate circumstances. For starters he is playing on a team, that has been consistently bad, for years, the last time the Washington Wizards made the playoffs was 1997 when Chris Webber, and Juwan Howard couldn’t contain Michael Jordan and the eventual champions Chicago Bulls. In fact since winning the championship in 1978 the Wizards/Bullets have only made the playoffs 8 times. And have only advance past the first round twice. Including a trip to the 1979 NBA Finals.

Second Hughes has been plagued by inconsistently thought-out his career. After averaging less then 10 points a game his rookie season. But then jumped to over 15 his sophomore season. Then in his third season averaged 10 a game, before being traded to Golden State where he averaged 22 a game for the remainder of the season. Thought-out the rest of his stint with the Warriors Hughes averaged 15-17 points a game, over 3 season.

And lastly, as mentioned before Hughes plays in a conference were guards are in abundance. And since he wont be voted in as a starter. Those spots will probably goto Jason Kidd and Lebron James. Hughes would need to be selected by the coaches, and beat out players like Iverson, Marbury, Pierce, Michael Redd, Francis, and Chauncy Billups. And with only three spots on the squad, Hughes likely wont be added.

Even if Hughes doesn’t make the all-star team. He should be proud that he is helping lead a team out of the doldrums into a decent and bright future.

Written by: Johnny Blazer

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