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Fathers and Sons who played for the Utah Jazz
Father Year Son Year
Corey Crowder 1991-92 Corey Crowder 2017-19
John Stockton 1984-03 David Stockton 2017-18

Fathers who played for the Jazz and had sons who played in the NBA
Father Year Son
Dell Curry 1986-87 Steph Curry
    Seth Curry
Pace Mannion 1984-86 Nico Mannion
Brett Vroman 1980-81 Jackson Vroman

Sons who played for the Jazz and had fathers that played in the NBA
Son Year Father
Ronnie Brewer 2007-2010 Ron Brewer
Ed Davis 2019-2020 Terry Davis
Diante Garrett2013-2014Dick Garrett
John Lucas III2013-2014John Lucas Sr.
Danny Manning 2000-2001 Ed Manning
Pete Maravich 1975-1980 Press Maravich
Wesley Matthews 2009-2010 Wes Matthews
Erik Murphy2013-2014Jay Murphy
Danny Schayes 1981-1983 Dolph Schayes