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San Antonio vs Portland
In the best first quarter I have seen thus far in the RMR, the Blazers and Spurs played an uptemp NBA like game. The Blazers looked for alot of open shots in the first quarter, while the Spurs tried more of an inside approach. the offenses slowed down a little in the second quarter, but Portlands Darius Rice lit the Spurs up from beyond the arc. but Devin Brown, and Harold Jamison rallied the Spurs who took an 8 point half-time lead.
The thirs quarter was much like the first, both teams scored fast and often, but the Spurs lead wasn't overtaken by Portland and after three the Spurs still lead by 8. Portlands offense disinigrated in the 4th quarter as the Spurs outscored the Blazers by 15, enroute to a 23 point win.
Players to look for this season
Devin Brown- A solid all around player, but needs to work on his shot selection a little more. but he showed he can lead a team, when Portland would make runs at the Spurs lead in the third quarter is was Brown who always managed to get the Spurs back on track.
Marque Perry-with the absence of Beno Udrih, Perry was able to get the start and the minutes. he didn't look to score much, but is a very capable passer getting 12 assist in the game. he could be a valuable backup point gaurd to almost any team in the league.
Darius Rice-This guy is an offensive explosion, doesn't pass much, but he can hit the open shot, hitting on 6 of his 12 three point attepts.
Qyntel Woods- he is stedily improving, he still needs more work, but is finally showing signs of maturity. instead of taking bad shots that he previously would have taken, he has been passing the ball.

Unfortinatly I wasnt able to watch the rest of todays games. so there will be no info on them. :(