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30 game Grades for the Utah Jazz

Carlos Arroyo: After a very good appearance in the olympic summer games in Athens, Greece. Arroyo was thought to be one of the better point gaurds in the NBA, then he is injurd in the preseason, misses 6 games and then has yet to reach the level he was at last season. Arroyo needs to work on his attitude before he will start getting minutes again.
Grade: C-

Raja Bell His defense has been steady all season long, but in the last 10-15 games his offense has really struggled. He has been averaging double figures all season long. the Jazz need him to start shooting better.
Grade: B

Carlos Boozer He's lead the Jazz in scoring in most of their games, and leads the team in rebounds and scoring. he is also the only player to play and start every game for the Jazz. but he has been disappearing in big games, especially against other Western Conferance power forwards. the Jazz need him to step up each and every night.
Grade: A-

Curtis Borchardt After a decent preseason, and a good opening game vs the Lakers, Borchardt looked like he may actually be a contributor. but then he did nothing for weeks. at over seven feet Borchardt should be a better shot blocker and rebounder then he is, and the fact that he is injury prone takes away any trade value he may have had.
Grade: D

Jarron Collins A good role player, and has had some good moments. unfortinatly he is injured again, and the Jazz need a hard nosed player like him. he isn't going to be a star, and on most nights he wont get you double figures, but what he does provide is a solid player who wants to play. which the Jazz really need.
Grade: B

Howard Eisley Eisley made a return to the Jazz after 5 seasons, but has done very little. the offense slows down when he is in the game, he takes bad shots, and makes bad decisions. he has shown hardly any vetran leadership and now that Arroyo and Lopez are both healthy he is pretty much useless.
Grade: F

Gordan Giricek His defense lacks alot, and recently so has his shot. his playing time has gown way down in recent games. he was a key to the Jazz reasergance late last season, but this season he has yet to show the heart or enthusiasim he did last season.

Matt Harpring Hard nosed player who struggled early in the season, but comes to play every night. began starting once AK47 went out with an injury, and has done well. but the Jazz need for him to step up a little bit more for then to begin winning again.

Kris Humpries Started off the season doing nothing, one point in five games, then got an "injury" and missed a few games. then he came back and had three good games in a row, and now has gone back to doing nothing. he is a rookie so you have to give him some leniancy. and he does try, but with the Jazz struggling they need to give him some more minute, he's a good player and will only get better.

Andrei Kirilenko before his injury he was leading the league in blocks as a small forward and was on his way to his second allstar apperance. and now that he is out, he shows just how important he really is. the Jazz have won 4 games since he went out.
Grade A+++

Raul Lopez Lopez got hurt in training camp, and missed most of preseason and most of the month of November. he looks to have recovered from that, but still struggles at times. he needs to run the offense better, and pound the ball inside more.
Grade C

Keith McLeod a training camp invitee who got the start opening night when Arroyo was injured, McLeod has proven he is a very capable NBA player and is exciting to watch run the offense. he likes to run, and he can get the team running and playing well when he is in the game. the Jazz need all 15 guys to play like McLeod, or atleast have the heart he does.
Grade: A

Mehmet Okur the best center the jazz have had in a long time, possably ever! he started the season slow because of an eye injury. but has come along well since, he was starting for a while but once the Jazz began to struggle he was placed on the bench, which is a bad move. he is spreads the floor on offense because he can consistantly knock down 15 footers, and he plays good post D for a European.
Grade: A-

Aleksander Radojavic Why is he in the NBA? is it because he is seven-foot-three and white? he's slow, he does nothing on offense or defense, and I actually saw him picking his nose in the Sacramento game.
Grade: F

Kirk Snyder Another Rookie who has good moments, then bad moments. however in most his draft scouting reports it was said his defense needed work, but he was solid offensivly. well apparently it was the other way around, he's a very solid defending and will probibly be known as solid defender thought-out his carrer. but his shooting comes and goes.
Grade: C

Jerry Sloan He needs to swollow his pride, and begin starting Arroyo and Okur. the Jazz need some stability and stabalizing an starting lineup may help this team get its confidence back. he also needs to give more time to Giricek, and take time away from Radojavic. he also seems to have lost the fire he once had, Sloan has lead coaches in Technical fouls many times, and this year he is yet to get one. Sloan needs to lead by example and get some fire in him, and maybe it may rub off on the players.
Grade: D-