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The Jazz and Bucks begin, what hopefully will be a long and fruitful season for both teams, as well as for NBAhoopsonline covering the NBA. Yours truly as gotten season tickets, so I will be bringing you game recaps from most if not all 41 home games for the Utah Jazz this season. Iíd love to be able to do recaps for other teams, but just do not have the capital.

The game was pretty much what you expect to see from a preseason game; sloppy basketball being played by stars and scrubs alike. Scrub play is also a key part of preseason basketball. The Bucks didnít dress one of their starsĖMo WilliamsĖ but they did play Michael Redd for a period in the first and third quarters. The Jazz were lacking Carlos Boozer and Matt Harpring, and like the Bucks they ran their stars for only a limited time.

Ronnie Brewer was the best player on the floor. He has taken quit a stride from last year. He still doesnít look for the outside shot very often, but is able to slash to the basket for easy points. His defense is what impressed me the most. Itís vastly improved from last season, and on a Jerry Sloan coached team, that alone with get him playing time. From what I saw in the game I would have to make the assumption that Brewer will likely be the starting shooting guard for the Jazz when the season starts.

Yi Jianlian was some what impressive, though most his points came against the grossly overweight and very slow Kevin Lyde. He does have a very nice outside stroke for a big man, but his interior game is still very weak.

Last November the Jazz gave up 57 points to Michael Redd and that seemed to be on their minds even in the pre-season. The Jazz tried to blanket Redd as much as possible. Brewer did a nice job of that in the first quarter but Redd did get hot in the second and would lead the Bucks with 17 points. Redd, for the most part looked his normal self, bouncing off screens for jump shots and generally trying to get opened. His injuries from last season donít seem to be bothering him at all.

Jazz rookie Morris Almond has a sweet stroke. He seems to be the best shooter in the league and does remind me a lot of a young Michael Redd. At times it looked as if he rushed some shots, but that could all be jitters from playing in his first real NBA type game. Almond, while a better shooter than Brewer, is not as good of defender as Brewer and thatís going to hold him back a bit. His ability to shoot should earn him some minutes this coming season for the Jazz at the two.

Former University of Utah player Andrew Bogut had a nice quite game. Bogut was active in the paint and did cause some problems for Mehemt Okur. Bogut will likely end up being a solider NBA player but will never live up to the #1 billing. Heís likely the 5th or 6th best player from that draft class, but he wonít be an epic bust like LaRue Martin or Kwame Brown.

The multiple personalities that is Andrei Kirilenko had a very good game for the Jazz. Kirilenko had a typically all around good game with no one stat really sticking out at you. If Kirilenko can continue this for an entire 82 game season the Jazz should be in good shape.

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