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Portland vs Chicago
Both the Blazers and the Bulls would begin the game decent, the Blazers lead by Qytel Woods took and early advantage but the Bulls came back behind Chris Duhon and took a 21-16 advantage into the second quarter. Neither team played very well in the second quarter, scoring a combined 25 point. Chris Alexander did have a good quarter and helped maintain the Bulls lead.
The teams for the most part traded baskets all thought-out the second half, as the Blazers weren't able to gain any ground on the Bulls. and the Bulls were able to hold onto their 4 point half time lead and won by 4.
Players to watch this season
Qytel Woods-again he had a very good showing, needs to work on his shooting, but showed some very good defensive skills.
Darius Rice-Had a decent game, fell one board short of a double-double. I could see him sticking with a team this season.
Chris Duhon-He wont be anything more then a backup point gaurd his entire carrer, but he kinda reminds me of Bobby Jackson. the Bulls could use him as a "spark plug" this comming season, to try and jump start their offense when it stagnats.
Loul Deng-He does alot of intangibles out on the court, like diving for lose balls, deflecting passes, and other hussel type plays. he will be a valuble asset to the Bulls this season.
Seattle vs Dallas
The Sonics shot pretty well to begin the game, but turnovers really hurt them, the Mavericks played a very well balanced first quarter going both with their bigmen, and hitting outside shots. the Mavs would lead by one as the quarter came to a close. Michael Morandis of the Sonics come out smoking hot, scoring 12 in the second quarter as the Sonics built a double digit lead going into the half.
The third quarter was bad, real bad. neither team could find an offensive spark, Dallas was able to cut the Sonics lead to 7 by quarters end. the 4th quarter came about, as was the worst display of basketball I have ever seen in my life. Neither team hit a feild goal in like 7 minutes of play, as Seattle went on to win by 11.
Players to watch this season
Didler Ilunga-Mbenga-Compaired to Robert Swift, this guy is good. Mbenga has been pushed around much of the review, but was able to bully Swift around all he wanted. had Dallas gone inside to him a little more, they probibly would have won the game, as he is really the only mav who had a good game.
Pavel Podkolzine-the second half of the huge seven footers for Dallas, he did pretty much nothing. he did block two shots, but has countless other players who weren't first round picks.
Robert Swift-He will be your stay in school poster child. this kid needs to go hang around Oliver Miller, and Shaq for a while, so someone can show him how to eat, he is too thin to play the Center spot, and to tall and slow to be a power forward.
Michael Morandis-He's about the only guy who had a good game tonight, finally getting some much needed playing time really helped him show what he is capable of doing.

San Antonio vs Denver
The Nuggets came out and didn't look like a team that had been previously unbeaten. the Spurs pounded the ball inside to Noel Felix, and took an eight point first quarter lead. The Spurs turned the ball over alot during the second quarter and this helped Denver get back into the game, as they cut the lead to 5 at the half.
The Spurs threw alot of Pick-and-Rolls at the Nuggets in the third, and the inexperianced Nuggets didn't respond well to this, the Spurs were able to extend their lead to 10 at the end of three. The Nuggets turned things on in the fourth, going on a 10-0 run to tie things up, the Spurs didnt score for the first six minutes of the quarter. The Nuggets would eventually take the lead with less then two minutes to play, but the Spurs would get the lead back the next possesion. the teams traded baskets for the next minute and a half, until a Nikolaz Tskitivili jumper with under five seconds to go, gave the Nuggets a one point lead. the Spurs would look to have bumbbled their last chance at victory, but Devin Browns buzzer beating shot was good, and the Spurs would go on to win by one.
Players to watch this season
Vincent Yarboro- Definatly a 12th man type player, but he is capable of helping lead a comeback, and to be a goto guy in garbage time.
Devin Brown-Had an offnight, but that gets overshadowed by his game winning shot.
Francisco Elson-A good role player, who can be an accasional starter.
Melvin Sanders-NBDL material all the way around.
Utah vs Charlotte
The Bobcats came out and hit their first few shots, while the Jazz missed nearly everything. only scoring 11 points in the quarter. the Bobcats did more of the same in the second as they build up a 24 point lead on the slumbersom Jazz.
The teams traded baskets in the thrid, but still Utah couldn't dent Charlottes lead. the Jazz started the 4th quarter off quickly, running and attacking the basket, but they were unable to get the Charlotte lead down any further then 12.
Players to watch this season
Keith Walekowski-Had an excelent game for the Jazz, getting double figures in both scoring and rebounding. nothing more the an NBDL player, but he could see action in a few NBA games being signed to a 10-day contract.
Kirk Snyder-Struggled though the first three quarters, but helped to try and rally the Jazz. Snyder Should be a very good player in the NBA, even with Utah stacked at the 2 and 3 spot, Snyders play will force Jerry Sloan to have to play him.
Premoz Brezac-He's going to be a starter next year with the bobcats, there is no doubt in my mind now. he is starting to do what you want you Center to do.

Rednecks all review first team
C- Curtis Borchardt(Utah)
PF-Noel Felix(San Antonio)
SF-Jason Kapono(Charlotte)
SG-Maquis Daniels(Dallas)
PG-Jannero Pargo(Chicago)

Rednecks all review second team
C- Premoz Brezac(Charlotte)
PF-Nick Collison(Seattle)
SF-Damien Wilkins(Seattle)
SG-Qytel Woods(Portland)
PG-Leandrino Barbosa(Phoenix)

Rednecks all dud team
C- Pavel Podkolzine(Dallas)
PF-Slyvarie Bryan(Atlanta)
SF-Kirk Penny(Chicago)
SG-Sani Ibraham(Indiana)
PG-Sani Becirovic(Denver)

MVP-Curtis Borchardt(Utah)
Lead the review in rebounds/rebounds per game, 3rd in feild goal percentage, 5th in steals, and third in blocks. plus when he didn't play, the Jazz usually looked pretty bad.

This is my last report for the Rocky Mountain review