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Denver vs Indiana
The Pacers begame the game hot, and took an early double digit lead, but then their offense stagnated, and would never get going again. the Nuggers ended the quarter on a 12-7 run. The Second quarter saw both teams struggle from the floor, as turnovers, and offensive fouls ran rampet. the Nuggets closed with-in two of the Pacers by the half.
The Pacers would score just 13 points in the next two quarters, as no one could hit anything from the feild, or the line. the Nuggets took advantage of this and began to build their insermountable lead. the 4th quarter was just garbage basketball, it looked more like rec. league then semi-profession basketball, but the Nuggets would go on to win by 16
Players to watch this season
Soumalia Samake-He didn't play, so he didn't stink up the court like the rest of his teammated did. if he makes it back to the NBA, I expect much of the same from him as I saw tonight, NOTHING!
Ruben Boumtje-Bomtje-He was about the only Pacer who you could say had a decent game. but I knida expected to see more out of a longtime summer league vetran as Boutje-Boutje, as all he is, is an adiquite 5 minute a night guy in the NBA.
Fransico Elson-He's big, but will never be a dominating force in the NBA.
Sani Becirovic-Why is this guy even here? he's a shooter who can't shoot.
Billy Keys-In a game that saw almost no offense, Keys didn't do any real scoring(two free throws), but he did manage to dish out 9 assist. which is impresive concidering the entire Pacers team only had 9 assist.

San Antonio vs Phoenix
In what started out to look like a worse offensive effort then the previous game, the Spurs and Suns eventually found ways to score in the first quarter:it was from the free throw line, but atleast they scored. The Suns got hot in the second quarter, as they scorched the Spurs and out scored them by 15, to turn a 3 point deficit to an 11 point lead.
The Suns started the 3rd out by going inside to Lampe, and it worked for a time, but the Spurs behind Devin Brown got hot, and started to gain some ground on the Suns, but the Spurs eventaully cooled down, and the Suns were able to keep their lead at 11 as the teams entered the 4th quarter. The Spurs used Noel Felix to try and get back into the game, Felix played hard down in the paint as the Spurs cut the Suns lead to 5, but the Suns came back and won the game by 7.
Players to watch this season
Noel Felix-I know I keep singing this guys praises, but he does what his team needs him to do. the more I see him play the more I think he will end up in the NBA this season.
Devin Brown-Still needs to work on his selfish play, his shot selection, and his turnovers. but he is showing he can lead a team.
Beno Udrih-Missed yet another game with an injury. if I was the Spurs I'd be a little concered with this, I know its just summer league; but it isn't a good sign when your first round pick can't go back-to-back nights in the summer league.
Jackson Vroman-Big guy who does what a big guy should do. he should fill in nicly for Phoenix this comming season as a solid backup for Amare Stoudamire.
Maciej Lampe-The Suns longtime search for a center might be over. Lampe can play, and is getting more physical every night. another year or so, and He might actually be the first European Center to be called a banger.
Yuta Tabuse-He's small, and very quick. he reminds me alot of Earl Boykins, but without the offensive spark.

Chicago vs Charlotte
In one of the best quarters I've seen in the review this year, the Bobcats and Bulls came out hot, Jason Kapono hit almost everything he shot, and scored one less then the Bulls did in the first(21). The Bobcats went to Premoz Brezac in the second, while the Bulls used Tommy Smith and Jannero Pargo to counter attack, but it wasn't enough as the Bobcats still lead by 5 at the half
The Bobcats started out hot again in the third, lead by Kapono, but the Bulls pounded the ball inside to get some easy points, but still Chicago couldn't dent Charlottes lead. The Bulls used their guards to make a rally midway though the 4th, Ben Gordan and Pargo would eventually get the Bulls the lead with less then two minutes to play. the Bulls hit their free throws and completed the rally with a three point win.
Players to watch this season
Jason Kapono-Wow can this guy shoot or what? 6 of 7 free beyond the arc, and showed he can pass to, dishing out 4 assist. I think the Cleveland Caviliers will regret leaving him exposed in the expansion draft.
Premoz Brezac-It looks as if finally Brezac is living up to the hype. having another strong game with a double-double.
Loren Woods-Finally getting some playing time, he proved why he was on the nations best collegate Atheletes at one point.
Jannero Pargo-He's a solid all around point gaurd, who should be a backup somewere in the NBA next year.
Tommy Smith-He should make the Bulls roster this year, he is a very tenacious player who gives it his all.
Chris Alexander-Definatly NDBL material here; he is soft inside, but could find his way onto a roster once 10 day contracts can be signed

Utah vs Atlanta
The Jazz took an early lead and would never look back, the Hawks didn't seem all that enthused about the game. the Jazz would build a double digit lead in the first quarter, but the Hawks cut it in half by quarters end. The Jazz once again built a sizable lead, lead by Kirk Snyder, and Raul Lopez. the Hawks would answear with Travis Hansen, who was for the most part the only Hawk that husseled tonight. but the Jazz would once again find their lead deminishing, but Ruben Dougles would hit a big three as the shot clock expired to keep Atlanta from getting to close.
The Jazz continued their good play in the third as they caused Atlanta some problems early, but once again Hansen and the Hawks would come back, only to have their comeback erased by a Jazz run. the Hawks would cut a 14 point Utah lead with 2 minutes to go, into a 5 point Utah lead, but free throws by Raul Lopez and Keith Waleskowski would ensure a Utah victory
Players to watch this season
Kirk Snyder-Utah got a steal with him at 16. I've seen very few players from this years draft class that played in the review do better or even as good as Snyder has.
Raul Lopez-Alot of Jazz fans were upset about this pick in 2001, and it's looking like this is a repeat of another Jazz first round pick that the fans didn't like. 1984 John Stocktons pick was welcomed with even less enthusiasim then Lopez. but Lopez is showing he can be very Stocktonesque in his playing abilities.
Keith Waleskowski-definatly a preppy, he has some hussel to his game. isn't very athletic but I could see him doing well in the NDBL.
Travis Hasen-Showed he is quick, and a very smart player tonight. making what seemed to be deadballs into easy points.