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Charlotte vs San Antonio
Charlotte lead early, but the Spurs came back and kept it close thoughout most the first quarter, and then took the lead in the second quarter, which wasn't a very good effort by either team offensivly. the Bobcats eventually took the lead back, and held it at the half.
The second half was much like the first half, long stretches of bad basketball, followed by spurts of scoring. the Bobcats pretty much dominated the second half and won the game by 13.
Players to look for this season
Beno Udrih-Capable floor General, who should fill in great as a backup to Tony Parker.
Harold Jamison-Good solid Rebounder, but probibly isn't going to get many minutes if he gets signed to a contract by a NBA team.
Maurice Carter-Good Soild shooter. and should be on a roster by October.
Jason Kapono-He should be a starter next season in Charlotte. good shooter, decent ball handler. and I actually would be suprised if he doesn't average double figures next season.
Atlanta vs Seattle
The Sonics started the game off pretty good, but they couldn't stop the Hawks passing attacks in the first quarter, and this would continue though most the game. the Hawks finished the first quarter leading by 10. the second quarter sucked, neither team could hit a shot. but the Hawks despite scoring only 8 points in the second lead at the Half.
Seattles shooting problem continued into the third quarter as the Hawks began to route them. Atlanta opened up about a 20 point lead by the end of the third. the Fourth quarter was more competitive, but the Hawks already had a 20 point lead by then, and went on to win by 22.
Players to look for this season
Josh Smith-Offensivly he struggled, but he is a force on defense, he blocked quite a few shots, and is a decent rebounder to boot.
Nick Collison-As long as he doesnt get injurd, he'll be another good rookie from the class of 2003. he is about the only thing the Sonics had going for them.
Indiana vs Utah
Neither team did very well offensivly in the first quarter, and the Jazz got some bad news when Rookie Kris Humphries got hurt early in the game, he left and did not return. the Jazz took a three point lead into the second quarter. The pacers offense seemed to disappear as the Jazz didnt let the score for the first 4 or 5 minutes of the second quarter. the Jazz actually didnt do much better socring maybe 5 points in that stretch themselves. Jazz would lead by 7 at the break.
The Jazz started the second half with a good run, but the pacers came fighting back with a run of their own. but dispite that, the Jazz still lead by 8 at the end of three. the forth quarter started out normal, then about 4 minutes into the game, the power went out. play had to be stopped so that the lights could warm up. apparently lightning struck something at the Salt Lake Community College campus, knocking out the power to the gym. after about a half hour, the game resumed. and the jazz went on to win by 8.
Players to watch for this season
Adam Harrington-He is a little weak defensivly, but is a decent shooter.
Curtis Borchardt-After two injury plagued seasons, Borch might finally get to play some this season. and if his play at the review is any indication of what he is capable of. Jazz fans will be mighty happy to have waited this long.