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San Antonio vs Indiana
With Beno Udrih back the Spurs started the game off good, but the Pacers would keep feeding the ball into Center David Harrison, and they built up an early double digit lead, and lead by nine as the first quarter came to a close. Udrih tried leading the Spurs back in the second quarter, and they made a small rally, before Indiana's Luke Recker began to hit from the outside. But Devin Brown helped a late Spurs rally to cut the Pacer lead to 5.
The Pacers opened the third like a ball of fire, as Jamison Brewer took control of the back court with his defense, and passing ability. but the Spurs came back lead by Will McDonald who scored 9 points in the quarter, but it wasn't enough as Indiana had a double figure lead at the end of three. the 4th quarter belonged to the Spurs, who used a huge rally lead by Brown, Corsley Edwards, and Noel Felix. the Spurs cut the Pacers lead to one with less then 15 seconds to play. but the pacers hit their free throws and went on to win by 4.
Players to watch this season
Beno Udrih-It looks as if the Spurs have done it again; taking a foreign point gaurd late in the first round who borders on being an allstar. Beno isn't that good yet, but in two or three years he will be challenging Tony Parker for the starting job.
Noel Felix-If the Spurs want another big man on their team, this could be their guy. He needs to work on his footing, and passing, but overall is a pretty good player.
Will McDonald-He isn't ready for the NBA yet, but you NBDL fans out there pay attention to him, he could be a canadate for league MVP.
Jamison Brewer-He is basically Jamaal Tinsley with dreadlocks. but he is a little faster then Tinsley, but can't shoot as well.
David Harrison-After a horrible game yesterday Harrison rebounded tonight and really had a good game, and speaking of rebounding, he needs to do some of that. I'd be a little concered if I was Rick Carlise because getting only 3 boards in a summer league for a seven footer isn't good at all.
James Jones-Maybe I was wrong about him yesterday. two days in a row he has done great in the review, he might be worth giving a shot to; or atleast trying to trade since the Pacers now have Stephen Jackson.

Seattle vs Phoenix Seattle missed almost every shoot they took in the first quarter scoring a mere 10 points, the Suns made some but they weren't that impressive either. but Phoenix did have an 11 point lead after one. Leon Smith decided he'd show everyone all that talent "he has", which made him a first round pick by San Antonio a few years back, by blocking about 5 shots, and helping the Sonics get out on fast breaks and eventually got seattle back into the game for a while. But Seattle went cold again as the Suns finished the quarter on a 10-2 run.
The Suns decided to attack the weakness of Seattles Centers in the paint by pounding the ball in low. but Seattle stayed with the Suns, and cut the lead to six. the 4th quarter was just ugly ball, both teams turned the ball over on nearly ever possesion. and the Suns went on to win by 8.
Players to watch this season
Nick Collison-Needs to work on the basics a little more, but he should be in Seattles Rotation this comming season.
Maciej Lampe-Needs to learn American basketball, but his defense has improved dramatically from last year.

I left after this game, so I don't have recaps for the last two.