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Seattle vs Portland
The Sonics jumped out to an early lead, but the Blazers came back. Damien Wilkins lit the Blazers on fire, as they were unable to stop him in the first quarter. and the Sonics managed a 6 point first quarter lead. Portland was able to close the gap in the second quarter lead by former Sonic Richie Framh, and by Darius Rice. but at the half the Sonics lead stood at 3.
Wilkins and Collison lead the Sonics during the third quarter as they got their lead as high as 10. but the Sonics lead by Rice, and Telfare closed the gap to 4 by the end of the third. the game went down to the wire in the 4th quarter, as the Blazers had the ball but trailed by 1 point in the final 20 seconds. Telfare missed a running layup, but James Thomas got the rebound and was fouled, he missed the first, made the second. and with less then 2 seconds to play Marteen Cleaves hit the game winning shoot for the Sonics.
Players to watch this season
Damien Wilkins-Wow, he is a big strong kid, who can score at will. he does have some defensive liability, but he has been improving over the course of the review.
Marteen Cleaves-Yet another Point gaurd from the review who is proving himself. Cleaves was known for being able to hit big shots in college, and he proved it again tonight.
Robert Swift-This guy should have gone to college, there is no excuse for the way he played. he is soft, can't score, can't run, can't block, can't shoot, about the only thing he can do is look out of place on the floor
Darius Rice-Again, he is the only thing Portland had going for them. he wasn't that great tonight, but he is better then the rest of his teammates.

Dallas vs Atlanta Josh Howard scored quickly and often in the first quarter, as Dallas controlled the tempo, and got easy baskets. but the Hawks came alive in the second quarter lead by Josh Smith, and Josh Childress. and took the lead for a breif while, but Dallas went on a run, but then after a few Turnovers the Hawks found themselves only down 4.
Josh Smith's Defense helped the Hawks kick things off in the third quarter as he blocked a pair of easy Dallas shots, that lead to the Hawks scoring on the opposit end. Travis Hansen caught fire before a somewhat home crowd(he went to BYU), as the hawks dominated Dallas in the 4th quarter and got the easy win.
Players to watch this season Josh Childress-Continuing to impress, still needs some work here and there but should find himself in the Hawks starting lineup this fall.
Josh Smith-for a high schooler, he's pretty fundamentaly sound. he was every were the Mavs didn't want him to be. his blocks were things of beauty.
Travis Hansen-Streaky player, but I don't see much upside to him actually. he will stick around the league for a while, as a role player; he actually reminds me of Steve Kerr.
Josh Howard-He was Dallas's Offense today. his ability to get to the line will help Dallas next year.
Didler Ilunga-Mbenga/Pavel Podkolzine- these two Giant idiots running down the court make me wonder, is the NBA this deprived of seven footers? Both these guys are about as soft as tissue in the paint, they get boxed out, and over jumped by 6'8" guys on a routine basis. they are like Manute Bol, and Shawn Bradley's evil twin brothers;who have less skill.

Charlotte vs Indiana James Jones got the Pacer started early with five quick points, but Indian's offense would only score 12 more points the rest of the first quarter. Charlotte didn't fair much better only getting 20 in the first. Charlottes ball movement helped Primoz Brezac get some easy hoops down low, as neither David Harrison, or Art Long tried to gaurd him. the Bobcats took a 13 point lead at the half.
Kapono and Brezac continued to give the Pacers fits as the Bobcats built up a 20 point lead at one point. the pacers made a small rally lead by Jones in the 4th, but it was to little to late. the Bobcats won easily.
Players to watch this season Primoz Brezac-could this finaly be the year he does something? well he showed he is better then his replacement David Harrison. and with Charlotte really having no one on their team, the spot is his for the taking.
Jason Kapono-He has been cooling down since the entering the RMR, but he is still doing a nice job. he should hands down be the starting shooting guard next year in Charlotte.
James Jones-He tried, but Basketball is a team sport and his teammates just didn't seem interested. I gotta give him props for the heart, but he will be a summer league vetran for years to come.

Utah vs Chicago
Jazz built and early 1st quarter lead, but during the second quarter the Bulls came back and took the lead, but Ruben Douglas went on a scoring spree and the Jazz took the lead going into the half.
The Jazz continued to add to their lead and lead by double digits late in the third. but the Bulls came back in the 4th but it wasn't enough and the Jazz held on to the two point win.
Players to watch this season Ruben Douglas-Really helped the Jazz keep the lead during Bulls runs.

Fan tip
I've gotten a few emails from people wanting to know the best way to get autographs; well here is a little secret. when asking, wait until there is a timeout, or during a break in the game to ask. most coaches, players, and referees will sign autographs during this time only. they are there to do a job, let them do it. also seating location can be key. if you want to sit next to players, chose a seat in the lower tier, near the western enterance(the opposit from were you entered) players and coachs will congragate there before and after games, and most are usually willing to sign just about anything. and for the avid collectors, there is a few NBA greats who will sign autogrpahs there, including one Mr. Larry Bird.