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Atlanta vs Phoenix
The Suns started the game hot, but cooled down quickly. they were lead by vetrans Lampe, Barbosa, and Jacobson. but the hawks countered with Josh Childress. but at the end of one the Suns held a two point advantage. Jackson Vroman lead a strong Phoenix charge in the second quarter, as Phoenix added to its lead.
The Suns took their lead to double figures in the second half, before the Hawks lead by Travis Hansen, and Corey Violette ended the third period with a nice run. but the Suns still lead by one at the begining of the 4th. but the Hawks charge couldn't be stopped, as they took the lead late in the 4th, and held on as a Derek Dial three missed at the buzzer.
Players to watch this season
Josh Childress- A bit raw, but for a high schooler he is suprisingly fudamentaly sound. needs to work on his shot selection but that should come to him in time.
Corey Violette-A big strong forward who can shoot, and rebound. he has tremendous playing ability and should find a place on a roster next season.
Jackson Vroman-He may be a huge steal for the Suns, not often can you find a second rounder with his potential. decent shooter, good rebounder, and plays bigger then he is.
Yatu Tabusse-By looking at his stats nothing jumps out at you, but by watching him you can tell he is a quaility backup point gaurd. nothing to special, but he could very easily find himself on a roster next November.

Dallas vs Portland
The Mavericks gaurd line of Devin Harris and Marquis Daniels got the mavs off to an early start, Harris scored five points in five seconds at one point. the game was fairly close though the first quarter, but the Mavs began to open things up during the second quarter. Qyntel Woods, and Darius Rice kept the Blazers in it by getting open on fast breaks.
Portland struggled the first few minutes of the second half, and Dallas took advantage of that. opening up their lead. by the start of the 4th quarter Dallas had a comfortable lead and just added to it in the final 10 minutes.
Players to watch this season
Qyntel Woods-Everyone has always known he has talent, but like his teammate Zach Randolph he has spent most his time on the bench. this season that should change for Woods, as he is begining to show he can play in the NBA.
James Thomas-This guy is a hard nosed banger, much like Brian Grant in his body type and playing ability. his hard nosed rebounding and never give up attitude kept getting him sent to the free throw line, and ended up keep Portland somewhat in the game.
Devin Harris-Good Shooter, Good Passer, Good Rebounder after seeing what he is capable of, in my opinion he will be among the top canadates for Rookie of the year.
marquis Daniles-There was some reason Dallas gave him that large multi-year deal. and he showed it tonight, being able to lead a team, and not only score, but pass and rebound. he will make it semm like Steve Nash never left Dallas.

San Antonio vs Chicago
This became a highly phsyical game moments after tip-off when Harold Jamison sent Mario Austin to the floor, on a very hard foul. both teams battled the entire game like this, and for a fan who loves this kinda game, it was a thing to behold. The Teams went back and fourth though much of the first half, the half ended in a 44 all tie.
The Second half got even more phsyical as Jamison once again began to throw around his huge frame, but it eventually cost him, as he was pulled from the lineup. The Bulls pulled ahead for a long while in the third, but the Spurs rallied a bit during the 4th lead by Devin Brown, but it wasn't enough as the Bulls held on for a 6 point win.
Players to watch this season
Noel Felix-Solid strong big man, who can step outside and hit open jumpers with ease.
Marque Perry-This guy could be the Marquis Daniels of next season. he is a very capable point gaurd, and with Beno Udrih being out, the Spurs might want to concider taking a real good look at Perry.
Luol Deng-Wow his athleticism is something else, he cause the Spurs all sorts of problems everywere on the court.
Ben Gordon-The Bulls look to have gotten two really good rookies in this draft, as Gordon showed some awesome displays of his ability.
The Referees-who could forget these clowns? they called a total of 60 fouls in a summer league game, most of which were offensive fouls that the defensive player was blantantly acting(and not very good mind you), or were just stupid fouls, that shouldn't have even been called.

Utah vs Denver
Matt Neilson got the Nuggets off early with 6 quick points, but Keith Duany, and Curtis Borchardt kept the Jazz close. the Nuggets built up an early 10 point lead by the Jazz came back to eventually tie it in the second quarter, but Denver took the lead at the half on a pair of free throws.
The Jazz completly fell apart during the second half, as the Nuggets were able to get to the basket or the line on most their possesions. but still the Jazz were able to keep the deficet down to 6 during most the second half. but the Nuggets lead was just insermountable as they went on to win by 8.
Players to watch this season
Matt Nielsen-A sold role player at best, but can hit open jumppers and get phsyical when needed.
Francisco Elson-Needs to work on his shot selection and not being such a ball hog, but he should improve on his rookie season next year.
Kirk Snyder-Another player who needs to take better shoots, but he can score alot very quickly, and showed he can play the one, two, or three.
Keith Duany-Not particulary spectacular in any one thing, but he is hussell player who dives after loose balls, and fights for rebound.
The Referees-just when I thought the last 3 blind mice were bad, I found out I was wrong. these three idiots had not clue what the differance between an offensive, defensive, or loose ball fall was.