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This Friday the NBA summer league returns to Salt Lake City in the Rocky Mountain Review, and like always there are many interesting players who could make an impact in the NBA next season. Here is a list of players who were not drafted or have never played in the NBA that could make an impact in the RMR.

Alan Anderson: Anderson is a combo guard who can shoot, but is prone to streakiness. Anderson could have a problem defensively against the veteran guards since he is considered weak by many. But Anderson has the skills to be a decent player, and in a review that is weak in talent he could become a factor.

Jermaine Boyette: Quick guard with great passing a court vision. Boyette has played with the Jazz the last three years in the review and has been impressive, look for more of the same from him this year.

Noel Felix: Felix has a big long body, but isnít very strong. He can however step out and knock down a nice jump shot or two.

Kyle Davis: Davis is big, but his body has been questioned by many. He isnít the best talent in the review but can score. He may be a defensive liability in the paint since he doesnít have the straight the block people out.

Antonio Meeking: Solid bodied forward who has some shooting ability. Meeking is also a solid rebounded and defender. He may not be NBA ready yet, but still could be a solid contributor.

Arthur Johnson: Johnson is an undersized center, but is strong and a decent defender, but with the lack of size in this years review Johnson could put up some big numbers.

Randolph Morris: Morris not getting drafted came as quite a surprise to many, but his attitude could be a problem. But like Johnson he is big, and that means a lot in the summer league. Expect Morris to get a few double-doubles as long as he gets decent minutes.

Darius Rice: Probably the best non drafted player in the review. Rice can score at will and play solid defensive. His biggest problem is that he sometimes looks disinterested in the game, this kept him from the NBA last year but he claims to have learned his lesson so look for a big review by Rice.

Filberto Riveria: One of the best Pgs in the review; drafted or undrafted. Riveria can hold his own with any NBA caliber player.

Tommie Smith: though he has yet to play in the NBA, Smith is a veteran of the RMR who has done a nice job in the past. Smith is a good rebounded and very strong under the basket which makes him a perfect fit for most teams.

Melvin Saunders: Saunders is a good defensive player, but has got to improve his offensive game. Last year his shooting was horrible, and he would pass up shots he should have taken. This year could be different since he did have a good stint in the USBL.

Written by:
Bran Faurschou