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Atlanta Hawks
The Hawks didn't have very good chemistry during the review, but they were able to win four of their six games. The Hawks mostly played guys whom they figured would be on their roster next season, and I think thatís what gave them the advantage over some of their competitors.
Josh Childress: He is defiantly solid, he needs to work on his shooting and shot selection but he will be a starter for the Hawks before the season ends.
Travis Hansen: Solid shooter who hustles, and does a lot of intangibles. He never will be a star, or a starter for that matter, but he could become one of the best reserves in the league. He's got a sweet shot when he is on, but is about as streaky as a player can get.
Rick Hughes: Hughes is defiantly NBDL material, you might see this guy get signed to a 10 day contract down the road; but he is to soft inside for even an Eastern conference team to desire. He does try to play bigger then he is, but most the time it's to no avail.
Royal Ivey: He is very quick, and a good ball handler to boot, he's not much of an improvement over Jacques Vaughn, but he is younger. His defense worries me a little; for as quick as he is, his lateral movement doesn't seem all that much better then a quick power forwards lateral movement.
Stephen Peele: He's an average NBDL player at best, he doesn't do anything really great, but he is fairly solid all the way around.
Donta Smith: He should be on the Hawks next season, but I don't see where he could help them much, everything he does Smith, or Childress does better. he is a good player, but I just don't think he will fit in Atlantaís system very well.
Josh Smith: For a high schooler, he is very rounded. I was quite surprised to see him play so well, especially on defense. the Hawks really did get a steal with him in the late first round.
Corey Violette: He is kinda small to play power forward at 6'8", but he can do it. Violette is a strong passionate player, who could find himself on a NBA roster next fall. He won't ever be a great player, but he defiantly will be a good player.

Charlotte Bobcats
The Expansion Bobcats played like an expansion team one night, then the very next night they looked like an NBA team taking on one of these review teams. they also used mostly players who will be on their roster next October, lead by review MVP Jason Kapono, and backed by solid play from big men Melvin Ely and Primoz Brezec the 'Cats ended the review at 5 and 2, second best behind Denver.
Primoz Brezec: Finally this guy is playing well, I loved how he actually got down in the paint, and battled for rebounds, and blocked some shots. If he continues his aggressive style of play into training camp he should be named the Bobcats starting center on opening night.
Melvin Ely: He was on again, off again in the review. when he was on he looked like he could be an all-star someday, but when he was off you wondered how in the world did this guy ever become a lottery pick. Don't look for Ely to be a start next year, but he should be a solid 6th man for the Cats.
Patrick Johnson: Quick, and a good ball handler, but nothing more then a good player on a NBDL team.
Jason Kapono: He was fun to watch, he'd light someone up nearly every night. he even lit the Bulls up for 32 points on the second to last game of the review. there isn't any doubt in my mind that Kapono will be a starter next year, he can shoot, scorer, pass, defend, and rebound. why Cleveland ever left him unprotected is beyond me.

Chicago Bulls
The Bulls had one of best teams in the review(record wise they had the best), going 6-1 and only losing to the hometown Jazz. lead by Loul Deng, Ben Gordon, and Chris Duhon the Bulls looked remarkable good for a team with mostly rookies.
Mario Austin: Banger who has some skills, but needs some work offensively. he should make the Bulls roster this year, but look for him to have only a minor role on the team next season.
Loul Deng: This kid was a steal at 9 by the Bulls. he can run, jump, shoot, block and play defense. he still is a little raw however so the Bulls might be reclined to make him a major part of the team right away, but once he gets use to the NBA he should be an all-star.
Chris Duhon: He's a solid all around player, and play maker, but isn't going to be able to be a starting point guard in the NBA. his game reminds me of Howard Eisley's. a capable but flawed point gaurd who is fit for backup roles with most teams.
Jannero Pargo: I doubt he will be with the Bulls next season, he's good, but not the kinda player you want on a team trying to rebuild, yeah he is young, but he needs veteran players around him to make him better.

Dallas Mavericks
Dallas didn't look good in the review except their game against Portland. the mavs turned the ball over, the guards were selfish, and they had absolutely no play from the center spot.
Marquis Daniels: He showed why he deserved that huge contract Dallas gave him. he is a good NBA ready point gaurd who could lead a team deep into the playoffs if he passed a little more.
Devin Harris: Very good move by Dallas to acquire him, he needs a little seasoning but in the near future him and Daniels will be a tandem to reckon with in the NBA.
Josh Howard: if you give him the ball he will shoot it, he probably won't make it, but hey he'll go after the rebound.
Didler Ilunga-Mbenga: Why did Dallas sign this guy? do they have a fetish with getting centers with absolutely no skill what so ever?. for someone who is listed as 7'7" he isn't a very good shot blocker, and the blocks he does get, get ruled as goal tending because he stick his hand though the hoop.
Paval Podkolzine: Dallas made a good move by trading for Harris, but the same can't be said here. Paval was by far the worst player who got actual minutes in the review. he has no offensive abilities other then shooting free throws, he is a liability on defense. about the only good thing I can say about him is he is better shot blocker then his 7'7" African counterpart.
Jon Stefansson: For someone who sat on the bench all 82 games last year, Stefansson was amazing agile. he's a quick dead eye shooter, who has leaping ability.

Denver Nuggets
The Nuggets were 2.3 second away from being undefeated in the review. they played a sloppy but team oriented style of basketball. their only loss was at the Buzzer to San Antonio in their last game.
Sani Becirovic: This guy is a joke, he started every nearly every game for the Nuggets, but never did anything. he's basically a shooter who can't shoot.
Francisco Elson: He had a nice showing at the review, he needs to work on his defense and foot positioning, but other then that he is a pretty good player.
Matt Nielsen: He was a pretty good player, but I don't see him doing much in the NBA, He'll probably be a decent NBDL player, if thatís any consolation.
Nikoloz Tskitishvili: When he played he had nice games, maybe he will finally show us why he was drafted #4 overall.

Indiana Pacers
Indiana was among the worst teams in the review, their offense couldn't score, and their defense was non existent. their roster was full of rookies, and players who haven't see much time, so that might explain their total lack of condonation as a team.
Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje: I think his NBA career is over, this is four years now he has been totally outworked in the review, I don't expect any team to even consider him as a potential backup center, unless they are totally out of options.
Jamison Brewer: His days in Indiana are pretty much over, he never got off the bench, and he isn't an NBA capable point gaurd. Brewer will be a guy that gets called up from the NBDL from time to time, but not much more.
David Harrison: had some moments were he showed some flashes of being pretty good, but also showed flashes of being another slow center.
James Jones: He was about the only Pacer who showed consistency during the review. he took a lot of shots, but he hit more then anyone else, and played better defense then anyone else. he is still a couple years away from being an impact player in the NBA

Phoenix Suns
Phoenix had a nice review, lead by probably the most recognizable roster in the review, with a lot of their players having played in the NBA last year. The Suns did struggle at times, but overall both their guaranteed contract players, and their unguaranteed players played pretty well.
Lendro Barbosa: The more I watch this guy the more I wonder how he slipped so far in last years draft. he is a very good, but very raw point gaurd. Having Steve Nash as a mentor should help his game in abundance in years to come.
Casey Jacobsen: Jacobsen showed his offensive skill yet again in the review, but unlike previous years, next year Jacobson will gain some notoriety for his play. he isn't a great play maker, but he is a solid shooter, scorer, and slasher who should become very valuable to the Suns next season.
Maciej Lampe: The Knicks never should have traded this guy, he is amazingly defensively aggressive for a European player. he fought hard on most plays while in the paint, he's got a nice sweet jumpshot too.
Yuta Tabuse: Not a scorer, but a good ball handler, and passer. his size probably will be an issue with most teams, since players can just pass over the top of him, but on the reverse, he uses his short stature to his advantage by being able to duck under players to get the ball.
Jackson Vroman: The Suns got a steal with him in the second round, he is a traditional power forward. he plays inside, with some outside game including a nice free throw line jumpshot.

Portland Trailblazers
Having mostly players their had either draft, or whom played last year, why did the Blazers suck so bad? I honestly can't tell you. they would be in a game, and then suddenly be down by 10 or 11. a lot of their players impressed me but alas overall their team stunk up the review winning only one game vs Utah on opening night.
Dan Dickau: He looked good in the limited time I saw him play, had the Blazers had him for most the review they probably would have done better. the Warriors should be pleased with him now, he will give them a quality 3rd string point guard.
Richie Frahm: Another player who seen limited time, Frahm showed of his shooting skills, but not much else.
Darius Rice: How he went undrafted is beyond me, he's a solid all around player who should find a home with nearly any team that would have him. and he has a beautiful stroke to his three pointer.
Ha Seung-Jin: for the next Yao Ming, he sure does sit on the bench in street cloths a lot. Ha didn't see a single minute of playing time during the review, I just put him in here because I figured he should get some credit for doing nothing.
James Thomas: He's defiantly a poor mans Brian Grant type player, but he has trouble finishing off plays. he would be a good fit for most Eastern Conference teams, but his 6'8" frame is probably to small to be able to hang with the Western Big men.
Qyntel Woods: next season will be the season for Q. all he needs to show his talent to the NBA is playing time, which Portland should give him next season.

San Antonio Spurs
The Spurs played a mediocre review, they had some high points such as Devin Brown's game winning jumper vs Denver. but overall they were just average. they did have some players who really impressed me, but their lack of team chemistry sometimes hurt them.
Devin Brown: Defiantly an offensive threat, he does struggle at points on defense but he should eventually become a full time starter somewhere in the NBA.
Noel Felix: Not really an offense threat, but he is a tough player who always tries. he is a good rebounder, and defender and should easily find his way onto a roster this fall.
Marque Perry: when Udrih missed games Perry filled in great for him, he is a solid ball handler, and passer and could become a quality third string gaurd on a team.
Beno Udrih: His health might be an issue, but when is healthy he is a really fun player to watch. in a couple of years he could give Tony Parker a run for the starting point gaurd spot.

Seattle Supersonics
Seattle had a team littered with NBA washouts, and a lot of these guys showed why they were washouts. the high point of the Sonics team was Marteen Cleaves who really impressed a lot of people at the review.
Marteen Cleaves: had it not been for being traded to the Kings Cleaves would still be in the NBA, and would probably be a key player on a team. he showed he was worlds above his teammates out on the floor. he was about the only Sonic who knew what he was doing.
Nick Collison: He was on again off again during the review, but you have to kinda cut him some slack, he missed all of last year with a new injury.
Robert Swift: had he worked out with any NBA team in June, he would never have been drafted. he is slow, weak, and has no offensive or defensive abilities what so ever.
Damien Wilkens: had a solid review, but his lack of floor discipline will make teams think about adding him.

Utah Jazz The Hometown Jazz were the most popular team at the review for obvious reasons, but they didn't really play that well. in the first game they built a 15 point lead only to lose it, and the game to Portland. on countless other time they blew leads, or just got totally destroyed.
Curtis Borchardt: if he can stay healthy all season long he should be a starter by seasons end. he has the defensive mind set of a Mark Eaton type player, but with a better jumpshot, and more offensive minded.
Kueth Duany: The guy really hustles. wasn't the most talented guy on the floor, but played with the most heart.
Kris Humphries: in the one full game he played he was awesome, but got hurt and never played again.
Raul Lopez: Good point gaurd, who still needs some seasoning.
Kirk Snyder: Jazz stole him in the draft, think Penny Hardaway in Orlando, Snyder is defiantly capable of those kind of numbers in a couple of years.