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There have been rumors for a few weeks now that the new name of the former Sonics franchise now located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma would be named the Thunder. Internet scavengersí have found a lot of evidence to this as well, including the registration of five domain names by the NBA. The five domain names lead to the possibility of five names for the new team, which included; Thunder, Barons, Bison, Energy, and Marshalls.

All the names do have some historic sense and roots in Oklahoma. Thunder because the area is prone to violent storms. Barons would be named after the cattle barons, most famously in Texas and Kansas, but in order to get to the rail depots in Dodge City and Abilene, Kansas from Texas the long cattle trains would have to go through the Indian territory(now since named Oklahoma). Bison would be named after the long hair native animal of the Great Plains. Energy would be named after both the violent storms and the new bio-fuel industry taking place in Oklahoma. Finally, Marshalls would also go back to the states cattle days, as well as be a reminder of the wild west which the lower plains became famous for.

Today however, I received this new logo. The logo is very much like an WNBA or D-league logo which leads me to believe that there is some credibility behind the logo. The team will officially announce the logo and team name on Wednesday, and that will verify whether or not this logo is for real or not. Either way, it's a quick way to keep us fans entertained for a few days.

This photo appears to show a mini ball with the new logo on it