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Founded:                      1967
Arena:                        Key Arena
Division Championships:       5 (79,94,96,97,05)
Conference Titles:            3 (78,97,96)
NBA Titles:                   1 (1979)
Playoffs:                     22

Lenny Wilkens is the only person in the basketball Hall of Fame three times. He was inducted as a player in 1989, as a coach in 1998 and again as a member of the 1992 USA Olympic Dream Team in 2010, and will likely be inducted a fourth time if the 1996 Olympic Team gets inducted.

Most of these accomplishments were earned while with the Sonics. Wilkens played for the Sonics from 1968 until 1972 and coached them from 1969-72 and again from 1977 until 1985 bringing him and the team their only NBA title in 1979.

Dennis Johnson showed with champagne following the Sonics 1979 NBA title victory over the Washington Bullets.

NBA to expand to Seattle or Las Vegas or St Louis

The NBA and the NBAPA will be meeting in very soon to work out a new Collective Bargaining Agreement or CBA, and all indications is that the previous talks have gone very well and there is a high likelihood that the league and the players will work something out to prevent another lockout.

The issue at hand is the new TV contracts which just came into effect this season and caused the massively inflated contracts we seen handed out over the summer. The new TV deals also have a clause for expansion and increased money if the NBA does expand. This clause will likely lead to the NBA adding at least a couple more teams before 2025.

Before the NBA expands it needs to thoroughly look at the problems it already has with teams and location and address them. For the most part the NBA is stable in that it does not have teams actively searching for new arenas and the league has few arena's older than 30 years old.

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OKC team logo leaked

All the names do have some historic sense and roots in Oklahoma. Thunder because the area is prone to violent storms. Barons would be named after the cattle barons, most famously in Texas and Kansas, but in order to get to the rail depots in Dodge City and Abilene, Kansas from Texas the long cattle trains would have to go through the Indian territory(now since named Oklahoma). Bison would be named after the long hair native animal of the Great Plains. Energy would be named after both the violent storms and the new bio-fuel industry taking place in Oklahoma. Finally, Marshalls would also go back to the states cattle days, as well as be a reminder of the wild west which the lower plains became famous for.

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