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Quick facts:

Arena:                            SBC Center
Origin:                           Dallas Chaparrals(1968)ABA
Colors:                           Black and Silver
Western Division Titles(ABA):     0
Central Division Titles:          2 (78,79) 
Midwest Division Titles:         11 (81,82,83,90,91,95,96,99,01,02,03)
Southwest Division Titles:        9 (05,06,09,11,12,13,14,16,17)
Western Conferance Championships: 6 (99,03,05,07,13,14)
NBA Titles:                       5 (1999,2003,2005,2007,2014)
ABA Titles:                        None
Best Season:  ABA: 1974-75 (51-33) NBA: 2005-06 (63-19)
Worst Season: ABA: 1973-74 (45-39) NBA: 1996-97 (20-62)

San Antonio Spurs Championship thropies
4 of the Spurs 5 NBA titles

Quick Fact:
From 1990 until 2020, including the shortened seasons, the Spurs have had only 7 seasons where they won less than 50 games. The next closest in that time frame are the Jazz and Lakers who have had 18 seasons where they have not won 50 games.

The first years:
The Dallas Chaparrals or Chaps as they were often called were amongst the inaugural teams of the ABA. The league and fans had high hopes for the team, they played in one of the biggest markets in the ABA and had the wealthiest ownership group. It was estimated that the ownership group was worth a quarter-billion dollars in 1967.

Unfortunately, for Chaps fans the ownership would never spend money on the team and often neglected player salaries. The result was a mediocre team, that somehow made the playoffs consistently, only missing the playoffs once in their entire ABA history.

Move the San Antonio:
After six lackluster seasons in Dallas, the Chaps were pretty much done for. Nobody attended the games, and the team was on the verge of being disbanded when a group of 36 San Antonio citizens and the owner of the Minnesota Vikings stepped up and offered to buy the team.

The team was relocated to San Antonio and was originally going to be called either the San Antonio Gunslingers or the Texas Gunslingers, but was later changed to Spurs.

From 1976 until 2019 The Spurs were one of the NBA's most consistent franchises, missing the playoffs only 5 times, and only 4 times since joining the NBA. They had never had back-to-back years of missing the playoffs, and had only 7 losing seasons.

Since 2019 that consistency has declined, but the Spurs only had 1 really bad season (2023) and where in the playoff hunt most other seasons

Duel Attendence Records:
The Spurs have set records for most people to attend an NBA game and fewest people to attend an ABA game.

In one of their final games in Dallas, the Chaps had a listed attendance of 1,000 people, but gate receipts tell a different story. 43 people actually attended the game, this is not including arena staff. In the fan's defense it was during a rare Texas snow storm with below zero tempatures.

The Spurs meanwhile also hosted games at the Alamo Dome which seen the largest crowd for an NBA finals game in NBA history with around 40,000 people attending games 1 and 2.

The Alamodome and the Spurs made history again when on January 13, 2023, the Spurs hosted the Golden State Warriors in front of a crowd of 68,323 fans. It was the largest crowd to see an NBA regular season game in NBA history. The Spurs lost the massive sell out game 144-113. It was also the first game at the Alamodome since Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals.

First Female Coach:
In 2014 when the Spurs hired Becky Hammond as an assistant coach, they became the first major professional sports team to hire a female coach. The only other female assistant coach in North American pro sports is the NFL's Buffalo Bills coach Kathryn Smith.

In the 2016, Hammond became the first female to be a head coach in the NBA summer league when she coached the Spurs summer league team in Utah and to the NBA Summer League title in Las Vegas.

Luck at #1:
The Spurs have been consistently one of the best teams in the NBA. This consistency has caused them to have fewer shots at top draft picks, but on the off chance the Spurs have a bad season they have had extremely good luck in the draft.

Since 1987 the Spurs have had just 8 lottery picks, and 3 of those have ended up being #1 overall.

In 1987 the Spurs struck gold and drafted David Robinson first overall. Robinson would go on the play his entire 14 year career with the Spurs. Win an MVP award, and help the Spurs win 2 NBA titles.

In 1996 Robinson got hurt and played just 6 games and the Spurs struggled. The Spurs got lucky with the ping-pong balls once again and got the #1 pick and selected Tim Duncan first-overall.

Tim Duncan would go on to be the greatest Spurs player of all-time and a top 10 player of all-time. He would win two MVP awards and guide the Spurs to 5 NBA championships.

After Tim Duncan retired in 2016 the Spurs would struggle, but did make the playoffs until 2020. After 2020 the Spurs seen some of their worst seasons since the 1980s. But they hit paydirt once again when in 2023 they got the #1 pick and drafted Victor Wembanyama first overall. Wembanyama was one of the most sought after prosepcts in draft history and the Spurs hope he can bring them the same kind of success that Robinson and Duncan did.

The Alamo Dome, The Spurs home arena for most of the 1990s

Tim Duncan calls it a career

In 1997 Bill Clinton was entering his 5th year as president of the United States, the Chicago Bulls had just won 69 games en route to their 5th NBA title ; Karl Malone was the leagues MVP; The Golden State Warriors were in the middle of their 14 year playoff less streak; Brett Farve had just lead the Green Bay Packers to their third franchise Super-bowl; and the San Antonio Spurs failed to make the NBA playoff. 19 years is a very long time and in sports it is an eternity, but that season 19 years ago would shape the Spurs franchise and the NBA for the next two decades. For their futility the Spurs ended up winning the #1 draft pick in the 1997 NBA draft and selected Wake Forrest product Tim Duncan. Duncan would go on to dominate the forward position in the NBA like few have ever done before him and likely few will do after him. As a second year player, teamed with NBA hall-of-famer David Robinson, Duncan was able to help guide the Spurs to their first ever NBA title.

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Top 20 Spurs players of all-time.

The San Antonio Spurs have been one of the NBA’s most consistent franchises since they joined the NBA from the ABA in 1976. One reason for their success has been their ability to get players at the right time and then get rid of players at the right time. Since 1976 only the Lakers have been a more consistent franchise than the Spurs, who have missed the post season only four times.

The Spurs are one of only four NBA franchises to have more than three NBA titles; the other being Boston(17), Los Angeles(14) and Chicago(6).

Here are the top 20 San Antonio Spurs players of all-time. Not included are players who played fewer than 70 games with the team, or played the majority of their Spurs careers while the Spurs were still in the ABA

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Spurs Celebrate their 2003 NBA title

Kawhi Leonard was a two time DPOTY with the Spurs.

Victor Wembanyama

The San Antonio Spurs selected Victor Wembanyama first overall in the 2023 NBA Draft

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