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Bran Faurschou: hey, and welcome back to Utah.
Britton Johnson: Thanks man, great to be back.
BF: You played for the university of Utah before joining the NBA, is there anything you liked about college that you donít like about the NBA?
BJ: ummm..... I miss the closeness you have with teammates in college that isnít there in the professional level.
BF: Your playing fro the Spurs in the RMR, if you make the Spurs regular season roster what do you think you can bring to the table for them?
BJ: Toughness, and Intensity and what ever else the coaching staff asks of me.
BF: Youíve played with both Indiana and Orlando in the NBA, which of the two did you like playing for the best?
BJ: I really can not say I liked one over the other. Playing wise I liked Orlando because I played more.

The interview was cut short because the Spurs staff wanted all the players for some meeting.