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1951 NBA Championship
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Quick facts:

Founded:                        1923
Previously Named:               Rochester Seagrams 1923-42
                                Eber Seagrams      1942-43
                                Rochester Pros     1943-45
Moved:                          Cincinnati Royals  1957-72
Also Called:                    K.C.-Omaha Kings   1972-75
                                Kansas City Kings  1975-85
                                Sacramento Kings   1985-Now
Arena:                          Rochester's Edgerton Park Sports Arena
Capacity:                       5,000  
NBA Division Championships:     2
NBL Division Championships:     2
NBA Titles:                     1(1951)
NBL Titles:                     1(1946)
NBA Conf. Championships         1
NBL Conf. Championships         3
Playoffs:                       29

No Trophy:
Because of budget restraints of the NBL, when the Royals won their only NBL title they did not get a championship trophy from the league, instead several local business banded together to purchase one for the team.

Biggest Blowout in NBL history:
The Rochester Royals beat the Youngstown Bears 70-27 on January 5, 1946, in the biggest blowout in the history of the NBL. The Bears scored on just 11 field goals and added 5 free throws in the beatdown.

The Royals started a starting five of Bob Davis, Al Cervi, George Glamack, Red Holzman and football legand Otto Graham, while the Bears started Peter Maravich, Rudy Debnar, Moe Becker, Huck Hartman and Paul Birch (Who was also the coach)

Glackman lead all scorers with 17 points and Davies added 12 more as the combo outscored the Bears 29-27. No Bears player scored more than 8 points. The Bears were lead by baseball legand Frank Baumholtz.

Youngstown was not a terrible team that season, but they also were not good either, finishing the season 13-20. The Royals however would go on to win the NBL championship that year.

1945-46 NBL Champion Rochester Royals

46-47 Royals

1951 Royals

1956-57 Royals

Dolly King was one of the first black players to play in a major league. He beat Jackie Robinson by years, but because the NBA does not consider the NBL history to be part of its own, he is not credited.
When the Royals joined the BAA, King and fellow teammate Pop Gates were not allowed to play so they left the team.

1946 Royals with King and Gates

1946 Royals

1950 Royals

1945-46 NBL Champion Royals

Bob Davies goes for a layup vs the Jeeps

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