Rochester Seagrams / Rochester Pro's HISTORY

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Quick facts:

Founded:                        1923
Previously Named:               Rochester Seagrams 1923-42
                                Eber Seagrams      1942-43
                                Rochester Pros     1943-45
                                Rochester Royals   1945-57
Moved:                          Cincinnati Royals  1957-72
Also Called:                    K.C.-Omaha Kings   1972-75
                                Kansas City Kings  1975-85
                                Sacramento Kings   1985-Now
Arena:                          Rochester's Edgerton Park Sports Arena
Capacity:                       5,000                   

Eber Brothers 1932-33

Eber Brothers 1933-34

Seagrams player, possibly Selig Apperman.

Seagrams Team Photo pre 1942.

Rochester Pros 1943

Another Seagrams player, this could be owner/coach Les Harrison.

Les Harrison: owner/coach of the Ebers and Seagrams.

Seagrams players, possibly Al Cervi.

Andrew Levane

Dolly King was one of the first black players to play in a major league. He beat Jackie Robinson by years, but because the NBA does not consider the NBL history to be part of its own, he is not credited.
When the Royals joined the BAA, King and fellow teammate Pop Gates were not allowed to play so they left the team.

Advertisements about the Eber Seagrams playing the Harlem Globetrotters.
In their independent days the Seagrams played a lot of other barnstorming teams.

Newspaper article about the Eber Seagrams

Eddie Malanowicz played for the Seagrams off and on from 1933-1943.

Al Cervi drives past a Detroit Eagles defender in 1941.

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