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Quick facts:

Founded:                   1970   
Arena:                     Moda Center
Division Championships:    6 (1978, 1991, 1992, 1999, 2015, 2018)
NBA Titles:                1 (1977)
Playoffs:                  35

Best Season:               63-19 (90-91)
Worst Season:              18-64 (71-72) 

#1 Picks:
The Blazers have had the #1 pick 4 times in their history with varying degrees of success. The first time the Blazers had the #1 pick was when they selected LaRue Martin first overall. Martin turned out to be one of the biggest misses in NBA history lasting only 4 seasons in the league.

The Blazers had the #1 pick again four years later and got a slam dunk with Bill Walton. Walton would have a short lived career due to injuries but did lead the Blazers to their only NBA title in 1977.

The Blazers got the #1 pick again in 1978 and selected Mychal Thompson. Thompson had a solid career with both the Blazers and Lakers that lasted 13 season.

The Blazers had to wait almost 30 years before they got the #1 pick again in 2007 when they selected Greg Oden. Oden turned out to be almost as big of bust as LaRue Martin. Oden only played in 3 seasons in the NBA.

Missed Opportunities:
The Blazers have had a lot of high draft picks in their history but have had some epic missed. When they selected Martin in 1972 they could have selected Julius Erving or Bob McAdoo In 1978 they selected Thompson over Larry Bird.

The most famous miss is in 1984 when the Blazers selected Sam Bowie #2 overall when they could have selected Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley or John Stockton.

The Blazers missed again in 2007 when they took Oden and could have drafted Kevin Durant.

Playoff Struggles:
As of 2020, the Portland Blazers have been one of the most consistent regular season teams in the NBA. They have made the playoffs in 36 of their 50 seasons, but once the regular season turns into the post season the Blazers struggle.

In 24 of their 36 playoff appearances the Blazers have failed to win their first round series, and have been swept six times. In another 12 of their first round series they have managed to win just 1 game. Since making the NBA finals in 1992 the Blazers have won just 8 playoff series.

Dame Time:
Damian Lillard is not just one of the greatest players in Blazers history, but in NBA history as well. In the 2020 season he became just the second player in NBA history to record three 60-point games in the same season, the other being Wilt Chamberlain. Lillard's greatness helped the Blazers come back in the 2020 Orlando Bubble and make the playoffs. Though, Lillard got hurt and the Lakers quickly dispatched the Blazers.

LaRue Martin was the Blazers first #1 overall pick. Sadly, Martin was a total bust.
Bill Walton and Jack Ramsey celebrate an NBA Championship
Bill Walton and Jack Ramsey celebrate an NBA Championship

Bill Walton

News article about the Blazers potentially drafting Larry Bird. The Blazers did not want to wait a year so they drafted Mychel Thompson.

Clyde Drexler glides in for layup vs the Clippers
Kevin Duckworth
Kevin Duckworth dunks one home.

Damian Lillard has become the greatest Portland Trailblazers player in franchise history.


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