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Founded:                       1988 
Arena:                         American Airlines Arena
Division Championships:       10 (97,98,99,00,05,06,07,12,13,14)
Atlantic Division:             4 (97,98,99,00)
Southeast:                     6 (05,06,07,12,13,14)
NBA Titles:                    3 (2006,2012,2013)
Playoffs:                      12

Of the expansion teams that the NBA added after 1970 the Heat were the first one to win an NBA title, the only other one being Dallas, and the only one to have multiple NBA titles.

Lebron James makes history by making 6th NBA finals in a row

For all their accolades in NBA history and the NBA finals in particular; Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant nor Magic Johnson never accomplished a feat that Lebron James has recently just accomplished. This finals vs the Golden State Warriors marks James sixth straight NBA finals. A feat that is incredible rare in sports, and yet despite this success, James success at getting his team to the finals is often disregarded when talking about his greatness.

The first of these six straight finals appearances came in his first year of the Miami Heat's big three of James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. The Heat were the favorites to win the title that year and cruised through the later half of the season and were the odds on favorite to win the NBA title. But in a shocking turn of events the Dirk Nowitzki lead Dallas Mavericks stunned the Heat to capture Dallas's first NBA title.

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Top 20 players to play for the Miami Heat
1-Alonzo Mourning: Without a doubt Alonzo Mourning has been the best player for the Miami Heat. Mourning is currently the teams all-time-leader in scoring, blocks and rebounds. Mourning first came to the Heat in 1995 for Glen Rice. In his first tenure in Miami Mourning turned the Heat into a title contender. Mourning left the Heat in 2003 to join the Nets, but he would be back as he joined the team again in 2004.

2-Glen Rice: Glen Rice was the teams first star. He joined the team their second year, and lead them to their first ever playoff birth in 1992. He was also the first heat Player to average 20+ points per game, accomplishing the feat in 1991-92 with an average of 22 points a game.

3-Dwayne Wade: Currently Wade ranks third on the list, this will change as his career goes along. Wade was chosen by the Heat in the 2003 draft, when he was taken 5th overall, making him the highest picked Heat player since Steve Smith in 1992. Wade impact on the team was immediate, he turned a team that was im complete disarray into a playoff caliber team, and then finally with the addition of Shaq into a championship caliber team.

4-Tim Hardaway: Tim Hardaway brought his Killer-Crossover to Miami, from Golden State, in 1995 via a trade. He and Mourning helped transform the Heat into a contender. He lead the team in scoring, and assist in 1996-97, making him one of only a handful of players to ever lead their team in both points and assist. Complete Article


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