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5 Greatest Detroit Pistons Teams in Franchise History

The Detroit Pistons have a long-running history in the NBA, founded in 1937. The Eastern Conference Central Division team plays in Little Caesars Arena and, over the years, has produced some of the best teams in the league. Let's take a look at the best of the best below.

5. 2005-2006 Team
Going back a few decades, the 2005-2006 team led by Flip Saunders was a force to be reckoned with. The team won 64 games during the regular season and featured the third-best defense in the NBA. The team only gave up an average of over 90 points per game.

The team reached the 2006 Eastern Conference Finals after defeating the Milwaukee Bucks and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Unfortunately, the team lost the finals to the Miami Heat in six games. Members of this team included Richard Hamilton, Rasheed Wallace, Chauncey Billups, Ben Wallace, and Tayshaun Prince.

4. 2004-2005 Team
Just one year earlier, the Pistons earned 54 wins during the regular season. They were second in defense within the NBA, allowing around 89 points per game. The team made it to the NBA Finals in 2005, defeating the Heat, Pacers, and 76ers. It would take seven games to name a winner, and unfortunately, it was the San Antonio Spurs led by Tim Duncan instead of the Pistons.

3. 2003-2004 Team
The defense of the Pistons was on point during the early 2000s. During the 2003-2004 season, the team gave up only 84 points and was a huge defensive threat during each quarter of every game. They won 54 games during the regular season and made it to the 2004 Finals. To advance, the team had to defeat the Nets, Bucks, and Pacers.

The Pistons defeated the Los Angeles Lakers that year in just five games, shocking basketball fans everywhere. Chauncey Billups was named MVP during the Finals with a 21-point average, plus 3.2 rebounds and 5.2 assists.

2. 1989-1990 Team
We go back further with the next team on our list, with coach Chuck Daly at the helm. That season, the Pistons won 59 games in the regular season. Members of the Bad Boys included Isiah Thomas, Dennis Rodman, Joe Dumars, Vinnie Johnson, and Bill Laimbeer. The team made it to the 1990 Finals by winning against the Pacers, Knicks, and Bulls.

The Finals were played against the Trail Blazers. Thomas was the Finals MVP, with the team winning the championship. Thomas averaged over 27 points per game, plus five rebounds and seven assists.

1. 1988-1989 Team
This team makes the top spot on our list because it was the first Pistons team to win the championship. During the regular season, the team gave up around 100 points per game and was number two in the defense department.

The Pistons defeated the Celtics, Bucks, and Bulls to make it to the 1989 Finals. Led by Zeke, the player averaged around 18 points per game and had 8.3 assists, ensuring others scored as well. The team won 63 games that year and the Finals.

The NBA Championship saw the Pistons take on the Lakers, with Dumars winning the MVP once it was all said and done. He averaged 27.3 points per game.

Overall Success of the Pistons
From their inception, the Pistons have proven their worth on the court via the many Finals they have reached and claiming Championship wins. Fans look forward to seeing recruits and how returning players fare every year. The Pistons are regularly highlighted as the underdog with NBA betting sites.

Currently, the Pitons have a young team, so work will need to be done to develop the overall dynamic on the court. A few veterans to watch include guard Monte Morris and Joe Harris. Patience will be useful this year as the Pistons try to gain ground in the Eastern Central Conference.