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Quick facts:

Arena:                         Pepsi Center
Origin:                        Kansas City/Denver Larks(1974)
Team Colors:                   Baby Blue 
Owner:                         E. STANLEY KROENKE
Western Division titles:       2(70,75)
Eastern Division titles:       1(76)
ABA finals appearences:        1(76)
ABA titles:                    none
Midwest titles:                4(77,78,85,88)
Northwest Division titles:     5 (06,09,10,19,23)
Western Conferance titles:     1 (2023)
NBA Titles:                    1 (2023)

Coach with the highest win %:  Joe Belmont
Coach with the lowest win %:   Bill Hazlik .134
Most points in a season:       2519 Spencer Haywood(ABA) 69-70
                               2414 Alex English         85-86
Highest PPG total:             30.3 Spencer Haywood(1969-70) 
Most points in a game:         184 vs Detroit(12/13/82)

Name Origins:
Originally destined to be called the Kansas City Larks when they joined the ABA, the team moved to Denver before the start of the season and was rebranded the Rockets. The name Rockets was chosen because of the space race with the Soviet Union at the time.

The name was changed to Nuggets because many felt a merger with the NBA was imminent and the NBA already had a team named the Rockets. Nuggets was chosen to honor the Colorado gold miners who flocked to the area in the 1870s and to honor Denver's only other pro NBA team the Denver Nuggets which played in the NBA during the 1949-50 season.

Enver Nuggets:
The 1990-91 Nuggets might be the worst defensive team in NBA history. 4 of the 14 games where the most points let up involved these Nuggets with all the games coming in the first few weeks of the season. The team was so bad on defense that fans began calling them the Enver Nuggets because there was no D in Denver.

The Nuggets let up 150 or more points 9 times that season and only held teams under 110 4 times. The Nuggets themselves did manage 150 or more points 3 times but in two of those games they let up over 160 points.

11/02/90 - GSW 162, DEN 162 - Denver, CO
11/07/90 - SAS 161, DEN 153 - San Antonio, TX
11/10/90 - PHO 173, DEN 143 - Phoenix, AZ
11/13/90 - POR 155, DEN 129 - Portland, OR
11/24/90 - CHI 151, DEN 145 - Denver, CO
12/29/90 - WAS 161, DEN 133 - Washington, D.C
12/30/90 - ORL 155, DEN 116 - Orlando, FL
01/10/91 - HOU 156, DEN 133 - Denver, CO
04/16/91 - PHO 153, DEN 118 - Denver, CO

The 1990 preseason was especially bad for the Nuggets. In one game vs the Hawks they let up a staggering 194 points, which would be the record for most points ever given up in an NBA game.

10/11/90 - PHO 186, DEN 123 - Tempe, AZ
10/13/90 - HOU 156, DEN 126 - Biloxi, MS
10/17/90 - ATL 194, DEN 166 - Pueblo, CO
10/19/90 - BOS 173, DEN 155 - Denver, CO
10/22/90 - DEN 156, NYK 145 - Fort Collins, CO
10/24/90 - BOS 158, DEN 135 - Boston, MA
10/26/90 - ATL 160, DEN 152 - Atlanta, GA
10/28/90 - DEN 138, DAL 137 - Fort Worth, TX


in 1994 the Denver Nuggets became the first 8th seed to ever knock off a #1 seed in the NBA playoffs. The 1994 Sonics looked like the team to beat for the NBA championship, they finished with a league best 63 wins and were the #1 seed in the 1994 NBA playoffs. The Nuggets limped into the playoffs, their first in 3 seasons, having just a 42-40 record. To say that the Nuggets were a huge underdog would have been an understatement.

The Sonics looked like they would make quick work of the Nuggets easily winning the first two games in Seattle. The Nuggets showed some fight and blew the Sonics out in game three. The Nuggets won again in a hard fought game 4 overtime to force a decisive game 5. Game 5 too went to overtime and the Nuggets outlasted the Sonics to get the win. The above picture of Nuggets Center Dikembe Mutombo has become one of the NBA's most famous photographs.

The Nuggets almost pulled off another huge upset in the second round after falling behind 3 games to 0 to the Utah Jazz, the Nuggets came storming back to force a game 7. The Nuggets were the first team since the 1951 Knicks to force a game 7 after being down 0-3. Unfortunately, for the Nuggets Karl Malone and John Stockton proved to be too much and the Jazz would advance to the west finals.


In 2023 the Denver Nuggets won the franchises first NBA title in 2023 beating the Miami Heat in 4 games. It was a glorious moment for a franchise which had struggled and seen many heartbreaks over the year.

Nikola Jokic cemented himself as the greatest Nuggets player of all-time by having 10 triple-doubles in the 2023 NBA playoffs.

Nikola Jokic became just the 9th player in NBA history to win 3 or more MVPs when he won his third MVP in 2023-24.

To date he is the only Nuggets player to win an NBA MVP, he also has won a Conference Finals MVP and NBA Finals MVP.

David Thompson

1980s Nuggets were some of the most offensively prolific teams in NBA history

Dikembe Mutombo is one of the NBA's greatest defenders.

Carmelo Anthony and Chanucey Billups reinvigorated the Nuggets in the late 2000s.

Emmanuel Mudiay.

Nikola Jokic has become the Nuggets greatest player in franchise history. He is a 2-time MVP and lead the Nuggets to the 2023 NBA finals.


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