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Quick facts:

Founded:                           1980 
Arena:                             American Airlines Arena 
Division Championships:            3 (87,07, 10)
Midwest Division titles            1 (87)
Southwest Division titles          2 (07, 10)
Western Conference Championships:  2 (06,11) 
NBA Titles:                        1 (2011)
Most Points scored:                156 @ Houston 4/11/95 
Fewest Points scored:               62 vs Milwaukee 11/22/97 
Most Points Allowed:               147 @ Houston 4/11/95 
Fewest Points allowed:              68 @ Utah 12/12/97
Biggest Win margine:                45 @ Golden State 1/15/85
Biggest Loss Margine:               58 @ Sacramento 12/29/92

Name History:
Despite popular belief a Maverick is not a horse. The term was first given to stubborn longhorns, but then was quickly applied to those who wrangled the beasts. Texas has a long important history of cattle drives and this is where the Mavericks get their name from; The lone cowboy on the prairie.

The Teams: Mavericks

They are the first of the modern expansion teams, the Modern expansion teams are any team from 1980 onward. They enjoyed initial success than fell by the way side in the 1990s, only to be resurrected as one of the power franchises of the 2000s. They are the Dallas Mavericks.

The Mavericks joined the NBA as the leagues 23rd team in 1980 for a cost of 12 million dollars. The Mavericks won their first game ever in the NBA by beating the Spurs, but would win only five out of their next 40 games and finish the season 15-67. The 1981 draft for the Mavericks is probably one of the most successful drafts for a team in league history, the Mavericks selected Mark Aguirre with the first pick, Rolando Blackman with the 9th pick, and Jay Vincent with the 24th pick. All three players would play key roles in rejuvenizing the team. The second season the Mavs finished second to last in the Midwest division with a 28-54 record.

In 82-83 the Mavericks made a push at the western conference playoffs, but at the time only six teams per conference made the playoffs and the Mavericks missed the final spot by seven games. The next season saw the Mavs finally break into the playoffs and finally get a winning record. In 83-84 the Mavericks went 43-39 and captured the 4th seed in the west. In the playoffs the Mavs defeated the Seattle Sonics in five games before losing to the Los Angles Lakers in five.

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