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Chicago Bulls History

The Bulls came into being in 1966. they became the first NBA expansion team, and got their first star in the Expansion draft, when they took a 6'5 rookie away from the Baltimore Bullets, his name: Jerry Sloan. Sloan helped guild the Bulls to the playoff their first year. they lost to the Hawks in the playoffs, but their 33-48 record, and their playoff birth make them the best NBA expansion team ever.

THe Bulls second year started out horride. they went 1-15 in their first 16 games, but manged to go 29-53 for the rest of the season, and sine they record was better then the Expansion Seattle Supersonics, and San Diego Rockets, the Bulls snuck into the playoffs, only to be beat by the Lakers.

The Bulls stunk their third season, going just 33-49, and failing to make the playoffs. but midway though the 1969-70 season they acquired Bob love from the Milwaukee Bucks. Love a 6'8 forward would team up with Sloan and lead the Bulls to their best record ever of 39-43, and the Bulls would average 114.4 points per game that season. but once again the Bulls lost in the playoffs, this time to the Hawks.

the next season the Bulls would go 51-31, and end up second in the newly created Midwest division. Dick Motta was named coach of the year, but the Bulls once again fell to the Lakers in the playoffs.

The Bulls would acquire Norm Van Lier during the 72-73 season, him and Sloan would make one of the best defensive back-courts the NBA has ever seen. On febuary 6th, 1973 Bulls forward Chet Walker would become the first Bull to ever score 50 points. since then its only been done 32 other times in franchise history. all done by Michael Jordan.

In 1975 the Team won its first division title, and beat the Kansas City Kings to face the eventually Champion Golden State Warriors. but after the most successful season in franchise history, the team was hit hard, by the retirment of Chet Walker, and Nate Thurmond, and a knee injury to Jerry Slaon. Motta was replaced as head coach by Ed Badger as the Bulls fell to 24-58

in 1976 the Bulls acquire 7'2 center Artis Gilmore, the Bulls would finsih the season with a record of 44-38 and fell to the Portland Trailblazers. the Bulls also lost star Jerry Sloan to retirement. the next season the Bulls missed the playoffs with a 40-42 mark. things kept getting worse in the last few years of the 1970's. Ed Badger was replace has coach by Larry Costello, who was replaced by Scotty Robertson, who was replaced by Jerry Sloan.

in 1980 the Bulls where moved to the Central division to make place for the Jazz whom moved from New Orleans to Utah, and the Expansion Dallas Mavericks. the move helped the Bulls who finished the season at 45-37, and lost in the playoffs to the Knicks

The Bulls where horride the next three years, Sloan was let go after only a few games, into 1981. and the team seemed to keep getting worse. they kepts getting bogus draft picks, that would all change in the 1984 NBA draft.

"with the third pick in the 1984 draft, the Chicago Bulls select.... Michael Jordan from North Carolina..." those where the words Bulls fans will never forget. the 6'6 Jordan would turn the team around. leading them to a 38-44 mark, but they would lose to the Bucks in the playoffs.

the Next season the Bulls saw much of the same they had for the previuos seasons. Jordan would miss all but 18 games, and the Bulls would fail to make the playoffs.