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Welcome Bobcats fans to the ninth installment of Bobcats Weekly!

This week, we picked up a new member of the Bobcats staff. That's right, former NBA player for the Minnesota Timberwolves....Sam Mitchell. Congratulations Sam, and welcome to the Bobcats family. Mitchell, 40, was named lead assistant to coach Bernie Bickerstaff on Wednesday. He coached the past two years with the Milwaukee Bucks, but perhaps his best preparation for this job came as an original member of the Minnesota Timberwolves; as I stated earlier. "You've got to be patient and take your lumps," Mitchell said of expansion. "That approach makes a lot more sense than signing a bunch of high-priced, old free agents because quick fixes don't work." That makes a lot of sense to me as a Bobcat fan. I definately agree with him there. Bickerstaff said he was attracted to Mitchell's experience with expansion, and the unselfish way the Bucks played last season under coach Terry Porter and his staff. "I like what Milwaukee did in setting up a team concept, and they were better than anybody expected," Bickerstaff said. "Between that and his expertise it just fits." Bickerstaff also considered Golden State Warriors point guard Avery Johnson for the lead assistant's role, but Johnson might instead continue playing next season.

In other Bobcats news....as you all are all aware, the NBA Lottery (to determine the draft order) was last night. Bernie was there representing our Bobcats. The Magic and Clippers drew the first and second picks, respectively, in Wednesday's draft lottery. Charlotte Bobcats coach/general manager Bickerstaff plans to contact both teams to gauge their interest in a swap involving the Bobcats' No. 4 pick and other compensation. "It makes sense to me," Bickerstaff told the (Charlotte) Observer, "that if these teams could get veteran help to improve their position, they'd listen." Connecticut center/power forward Emeka Okafor and Atlanta high school star Dwight Howard are the consensus top-2 picks in this draft. But for different reasons, the Magic and Clippers might be interested in something other than what those two provide. Bickerstaff speculated that the Bobcats could possibly package veterans in the expansion draft with the No. 4 pick, to offer the Magic something attractive. "I don't know whether Orlando is locked into No. 1," Bickerstaff said. "There's no telling what they'd do," because of the McGrady situation. "I think what you do is call and ask if there's anything we can do to satisfy their needs," Bickerstaff said. Personally, I'm satisfied with this draft order. I mean, it could of been worse. However, I hope that we can possibly move up if possible. Well, that's all for this week.....check in next week for more Bobcats news!