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Welcome to the 8th installment of Bobcats Weekly!

This week, a lot of news happened for the Bobcats.

Mr. Tapscott was appointed this week by Robert Johnson to the official title of " President Of Bobcats Basketball Holdings, LLC". Bob Johnson was quoted as saying, " Eddie Tapscott is one of the top executives in the professional sports industry and he has been an exemplary leader for our organization since we arrived in Charlotte. He has drawn together a terrific staff and the Bobcats organization has been recognized locally and nationally as a first-class sports and entertainment property under his direction.”

Some more quick facts on Ed Tapscott: 1) Tapscott became the organization’s first employee when he was hired on January 6, 2003, following Johnson being unanimously awarded the expansion Charlotte NBA franchise and the Charlotte Sting.
2) Tapscott has directed the creation of the team’s new Bobcats identity and the team’s successful sales and marketing effort, taken over the operation of the Charlotte Sting and hired Bernie Bickerstaff to lead the Bobcats basketball operations effort as both general manager and head coach.
3) Additionally, while under Tapscott’s direction the organization has developed a new regional sports network, C-SET, overseen the on-going construction of the City of Charlotte’s new state-of-the-art uptown arena, created an elite horse show jumping competition - the Charlotte Jumper Classic - and embraced a Charlotte community that has welcomed the organization with open arms.
In my opinion, Ed Tapscott has done an amazing job for the Bobcats. Mr. Johnson (Owner of the Bobcats) hired the best man for what Tapscott does for the Bobcats on a daily basis. I couldn't of asked more of the man. Congradulations Ed!

In other Bobcats news, Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer has picked up some more incredible quotes from Tapscott. " the team much prefers taking a college player or international player with the fourth pick." This isn't news to faithful readers of Bobcats weekly, but it does come as a surprise for other people. Basically, you can rule out ANY prep players going pro in this year's draft. On top of that, Tapscott also said that the team would have little, if anything, left to spend on free agents this summer, following the expansion and rookie drafts in June. "We really won't have an opportunity to take part in the free agent market initially," Tapscott said. "We might sign a free agent or two, but it won't be a big name."

Also, look for the first Charlotte Bobcats jerseys to roll off the presses and onto shelves this August. (Perhaps the 14th?)

Bernie Bickerstaff has been on the hunt for a top-notch assistant coach. Two people that he is reported to be looking at are: Avery Johnson and Sam Mitchell. Johnson played 16 seasons as an NBA point guard, the most recent with the Golden State Warriors. Mitchell has been an assistant coach with the Milwaukee Bucks the past two seasons, following a 13-year NBA career. Though Johnson has no formal coaching experience, he appears to have a knack for the job. A survey of general managers last fall, published on NBA.com, named Avery as the active player most likely to end up an NBA head coach. I don't know. It's a toss-up between the two of them for me. I'm sure Bernie will have a tough time with that decision.

Stay tuned for your dose of Bobcats Weekly, right here on NbaHoopsOnline!