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Welcome to the 6th installment of Bobcats Weekly! This week, two Cubans brothers ( Carlos and Jorge de Cespedes) bought a share of the Charlotte Bobcats. Unfortunately, the size of the transaction was not made public. Here's a little summary of the brothers from Charlotte.com........"

The de Cespedes brothers started Pharmed Group, a Miami-based company that generates $600 million in annual sales primarily by supplying pharmaceuticals domestically and in Latin America and the Caribbean. These two started from an orphan-like existence, after their parents got them out of Cuba in the early 1960s to avoid living under the Castro regime.

Apparantly, the de Cespedeses first met Johnson about four months ago, after the brothers attended a conference in Las Vega on sports investing (perhaps this is why they decided to become investors in the Bobcats).

Among other Bobcats news this week was the announcement that Shaun Livingston declared for the NBA Draft (To be held June 22 or 23). The 6-foot-7 point guard is projected to go in the top five in the June NBA draft, possibly at No. 4 to the expansion Charlotte Bobcats. Deng could go a spot higher, possibly to Chicago if the Bulls get the No. 3 pick. Once again, this is extremely good news for us Bobcats fans because the talent in this year's draft will keep getting more and more saturated the more these collegiate stars declare. Already, Deng is declared....which personally, I hope to see in a Bobcats jersey draft day. (See 'Cats Weekly #5 for more details).

Also, the Bobcats have now officially became the NBA's 30th team after Bob Johnson's final transaction was cleared May 1st. And yet another interesting happening that occured is that Mr. Bickerstaff (Bobcats GM/Head Coach) can now discuss possible trading strategies with other NBA teams...including, his feelings about certain players and their skill levels. Before May 1st, he was strictly barred from commenting on any current NBA player.

Well, that's all for now Bobcats Fans! Look for issue #7 next Wednesday!