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Hello Bobcats Fans!
Welcome to Bobcats Weekly #5! You have come to the right place if you want to find all of the latest news, rumors, and analysis of the Charlotte Bobcats!

This week we have some exciting news! Luol Deng has declared himself to this year's draft! Why is this exciting to the Charlotte Bobcats. you ask? Well, we'll start with some basic reasons.

First, with Deng now entering the draft, we have added yet more talent to the already expected top-ten picks of 2004's NBA draft. This is great for us because we now have more of a chance to pick a quality #4. Deng has been promised to go no later than 7(at most), so you can see how more "top-ten" talent that is included for this year's draft will mean more quality players available at the #4 spot. And, get this....A team source said Tuesday Deng would definitely be considered if he is available at No. 4, but added he is no lock to be the Bobcats' first choice.

With that said, we know that the Bobcats are definately looking at Deng. Personally, I hope that we can snag this guy at #4. Let me back that up with a quick summary of just who this guy is: Deng is originally from the war-ravaged Sudan. At five, he left to go to Egypt and ended up in Durham, North Carolina where as a freshman at Duke he had an outstanding year. He is 6' 8", and has a high basketball IQ (which Bernie Bickerstaff has made public is key ingredients to what they are looking for). He is humble and very respectable towards everyone. This guy is the RIGHT guy for Charlotte. Although I cannot predict the future with accuracy, I have a clear vision of the words "And at the #4 pick, the Charlotte Bobcats choose....Luol Deng" rolling of the tongue of the host at the June 24th NBA Draft.

Also, check out this quote from a "Bobcats source speaking on the condition of anonymity"..... "The guy never takes a play off. He works his tail off. But when he goes to the next level, how will it work out? I like the kid. We've got to seriously consider him. But is he quite quick enough? We know his basketball IQ and his skills are terrific."

This very quote might as well have been uttered from Bernie's own lips because this is the kind of guy that both he and us fans need for our Charlotte Bobcats.

Well, that's it for this week....if anyone wants to offer suggestions, criticism , or advice....please get in touch with me at: