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> Hello again, Bobcats fans!

This week hasn't been entirely uneventful for the 'Cats. This week the Charlotte Bobcats hired two more VP's to their organization. The first VP is Jacqueline Coleman who will be vice president of sports and entertainment programming. Coleman, most recently, was vice president of sports, specials and prime time at BET. She will now develop C-SET (Carolinas Sports Entertainment Television) come time that the Bobcats begin playing 194 days from now. Part of the development process for Coleman will include negotiating programming agreements, hiring network talent and designing sets and on-air graphics.

The next new VP added is John Guagliano who is named vice president of professional properties and game entertainment for the Bobcats. Guagliano, who joind the Bobcats organization last year as VP of broadcasting and game operations, will now oversee and manage all radio, television and cable broadcasts including the task of acquiring rights to some programming on C-SET.

With the new VP's mentioned, the other major development this week has been the newly-annointed WJZY UPN46 partnership with the Bobcats. UPN46 will carry fifteen Bobcats games next season over free airwaves. Ed Tapscott (EVP & COO for the Bobcats) was quoted as saying (about the new partnership) " We are very excited about our partnership with WJZY. We have said repeatedly that we will have a strong presence on free, over-the-air television and this ensures that every fan can watch Bobcats and Sting games on television. Our colleagues at WJZY have shown great interest in promoting our teams and also share with us a strong commitment to the Charlotte region. Also, in addition to the game telecasts, UPN46 will broadcast an hour-long 2004 Bobcats Draft show in late June plus additional preseason and postseason programming, a weekly team report and weekly vignettes during the Bobcats season.

This is great for us Bobcats fans who will not be able to afford the digital cable package that (as of now) is the only way to catch the rest of the Bobcats games via C-SET, which is only available through Time-Warner Digital Cable.

With all of that said, look for the "Bobcats Weekly" each week only on NbaHoopsOnline.com!