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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the third edition of Bobcats Weekly!

New to this week is the information that Bob Johnson wants to bring the Expos to Norfolk, VA. Now, why is this important to us Bobcats fans, you ask? Well, some people feel that Johnson may be possibly distracted with this new business venture when he should just be focusing on building a fan base right now. I am not so sure that I agree with that opinion. I believe that Robert Johnson is an incredibly gifted business man, and has the ability to pull two things off at the same time. I mean, yes he has publicaly stated before that baseball is his first true love....but, does that necessarily mean that the Bobcats will be put on the backburner? I highly doubt it. $300 million and a team named after him will not be on Johnson's B-list. The fan base is here. The arena is rising higher daily. The people of Charlotte want a professional basketball team. And, that team is here to stay. Jerseys and players coming your way soon!!

Until next week....