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Hello again, Bobcats fans!!

This week has had some events pertaining to the Charlotte Bobcats; and as you know, it is my duty to report them! So, here we go!

Bernie Bickerstaff has hired himself some help this week. That's right, add four more new faces to the upstairs department. Regarding the new hirings, Bickerstaff said,

"Im very pleased to add this talented group of professionals to our staff. Were fortunate to add two experienced assistant coaches with a successful track record of positive player-coach relationships, strong work ethics, dedication and loyalty, they will be positive components in a well-rounded coaching staff, and each brings a different set of talents to our organization. Ive known both Gary and John for a number of years and I know they share the philosophies that weve already embraced with our basketball operations staff. Weve become very familiar and comfortable with Drew through our work with him at XOS Technologies and we are confident that he will provide us excellent service with his input and video preparation, Bickerstaff said. Mark and I worked together in the past and I know the value he can bring the Bobcats and how deeply he cares for the medical well-being of players.

Let's talk about the two assistant coaches first. Gary Kloppenburg has a very strong basketball background. He is bilingual in English and Spanish and has served as assistant coach for the WNBA's Phoenix Mercury, and was assistant coach for three seasons on the WNBA's Seattle Storm staff. However, the WNBA is not the only basketball tenure he has served. Kloppenburg worked for the Toronto Raptors as an advance scout from 1997-99, where he was responsible for scouting and determining game plans of Western Conference opponents, as well. With that said, I am excited about Gary Kloppenburg added to the Bobcats staff.

The next asst. coach is John Outlaw. Although he has an NFL career background, he is well-suited for his new role with the Bobcats. Both he and Bickerstaff first worked together in 1990 with the Denver Nuggets, where Outlaw served as director of community relations for four seasons before he moved into the role of director of college scouting. Outlaw joined the staff of the Washington Wizards in 1997 as assistant coach and advance scout and he was also assistant coach and director of player personnel for the St. Louis Swarm of the International Basketball League when the club won back-to-back league titles.

The next man is not an asst. coach but a heckuva' video coordinator. From 1996-2002 he was the video coordinator for the Charlotte Hornets and Sting, assisting the coaching and basketball operations staffs with preparation and evaluation of players and teams using video and statistical data. His name is Drew Perry and he will make the tech-savvy fans whet with desire for more video stimuli.

Last but not least is our new man Mark Coffelt. Coffelt worked with Bickerstaff as head athletic trainer and equipment manager for the St. Louis Swarm during the 2000-01 season and the following season he served as head athletic trainer and equipment manager for the Mobile Revelers in the National Basketball Development League.

We are glad to see these fresh faces join the Bobcats organization, and I highly concur with Bickerstaff's decision to appoint these men to their respected expertises.

Moving on, I would like to add a personal note that I believe that the Bobcats' "Ball on the Wall" party was a huge success and a entertaining party. I met many other Bobcats fans, and in particular a diehard fan (such as myself) by the name of LaMichael Mitchell. He knows everything about the Bobcats and I am really happy to see someone who is going to be just as loud and noisey cheering for our 'Cats at the games as I am!

Well, that's all for now.....until then.....