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Hello again, Bobcats fans!

Well, we are finally getting down to it!! June 8th - 11th is the Predraft Camp; which will be held in Chicago. Then, 11 or 12 days later the Expansion Draft takes place. After that, it's the NBA Draft! As Bobcats fans, we have been waiting so long for this!

Now, let's get to some news....

Recently, the Bobcats have been working out some players fit for the NBA Draft. Sadly, Luol Deng has not (yet), because of his former team's insistence that Duke has a very worthy workout area that the Bobcats brass can come and watch him workout THERE. Bernie Bickerstaff (Bobcats GM/Head Coach) said: "We want everybody here in our environment. We've got the workouts tailored and we want them in Charlotte....until he makes a decision on whether he's staying, we'll defer."

Now, get this.....Deng will NOT be going back to Duke! The Observer will print this tomorrow -- "Luol Deng will sign with an agent and forgo his final three seasons of eligibility at Duke, Duke sports information director Jon Jackson said Wednesday." This is major for the Bobcats because Bernie's worries about Deng are now relieved. However, Deng is not certain to go with the 'Cats. In fact, most draft sites have the Bobcats going with Shaun Livingston EVEN THOUGH Bernie has been quoted as saying that he will not select High Schooler's in the Draft. A slight contradiction made by Bernie, however, is that the Bobcats "will take the best player overall." So basically, I believe that Bernie is not intently focusing on HS'ers....but will consider them if it's the best scenario in the Draft.

Stay tuned for more Bobcats Weekly right here on NbaHoopsOnline!