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Welcome Bobcats Fans! March 29th 2003 This is the first insallment of a weeklt write-up regarding the latest Charlotte Bobcats news, opinions, and rumors. Once the inaugural season begins, look for game analysis and stats galore - right here on http://nbahoopsonline.com/teams/CharlotteBobCats/bobcats.html Now, let's get on with it.....

According to Bernie Bickerstaff (our GM and Head Coach) we will be drafting younger players with a limited salary and a high basketball IQ for our team. This is in my opinion, a smart move. I mean, if we are going to be building a franchise, we need to start somewhere, right?
Even though the above paragraph is old news, it is still vital to know by the time the NBA Draft begins (June 22nd or 23rd). Also worth noting, is that we will be picking 4th in the Draft. This is great for us because we can either get a great rookie (hopefully), or use our #4 slot as bait to trade for a possible future franchise player. The possiblities are really endless for us this year. If you really think about it, we have a lot going for us. We will be the 1st NBA expansion team in history to enter the league withought another expansion team (In the past, the NBA has introduced expansion teams to the league in pairs). This means that we will not have to contend with another team when the "protected/unprotected" lists come out. Also, our head coach is no stranger to building struggling teams to competitive franchises. This is a plus because it proves that Mr. Bickerstaff can handle the pressure and stress that the media puts on you when you are in charge of a struggling team (or expansion team). Yet another reason why the Bobcats in my opinion, will be a lot better than predicted, is because of the newly-created "Southeastern division" we will be put in. This new division will consist of the Wizards, Hawks, Magic, Heat, and us. Considering these teams' records this year.....whose to say that the Bobcats won't have a good possibility of becoming division champions their first year? So what that we'll be an expansion team! The teams in our future division all play ball like expansion teams!

Honestly you guys, I think that we'll have a great year, and I'm looking forward to talking Bobcats basketball with everyone. Well, that's all for now.......until next week......

Contribution by: gobobcats04          Email: gobobcats04@hotmail.com