Golden State Warriors
The Warriors have invited 13 year vetran George McCloud to try out for the team. McCloud who has spent much of his carrer as a reserve, was traded to the Wizards from the Nuggets last year before the season started, but never played, because the Wizards released him.

Los Angeles Clippers/Seattle Supersonics
The LA Clippers and Seattle Sonics come to a deal today, the Sonics sent vetran forward Center Predrag Drobnjak to the Clippers for a future second round pick. Drobnjak and the Clippers where discussing a deal to sign with the Clippers, but the restricted free agent decided it would be best to do a sign and trade, so he could practice with the team monday, instead of waiting the 15 days for the Sonics to match.

San Antonio Spurs
The Spurs will invite C. Ernest Brown, F. Dan Langhi, and G. Igor Rakocevic to camp. Brown played last year with the Miami Heat. Langhi a three year vet has played with both the Mavericks, and Suns. and Rakocevic played 2 years with the Timberwolves.