Philadelphia 76ers
Sixers center Todd MacCulloch want to return, he thinks he could return and be a factor in the Sixers season this year. MacCulloch was aquired along with Keith Van Horn from the New Jersey Nets last offseason for Dikembe Mutumbo.

Utah Jazz
The Dallas Mouring Star is reporting that gaurd Raja Bell will sign with the Utah Jazz. according to Bell, the deal is done, he just needs to sign the papers.
NHO Commentary This is a good pick-up for the otherwise offseason vanished Jazz, Bell will give them another shooting gaurd who can shoot(sometimes), and isnt a bad defender. My Question is, what about Sasha Pavlovic? do the Jazz feel he cant get out of his contract?

NBA ABC has decided to have Al Micheals do the play by play for their NBA games this season. Micheals the long time voice of Monday night football, is most remembered for calling the 1980 "Miricle on Ice" game between the United States and Soviet Union. where he said the timeless phrase "Do you Beleive in miricles!?"