Golden State Warriors
The Warriors continue to try and get point gaurd Nick Van Exel to stay. they are practically begging him to stay.
NHO commentary I believe that Van Exel will decide to stay with the Warriors,(hey, he stayed in Denver) but ultimatly will be unhappy and leave next season

New York Knics
Rumors are persisting that New York and Utah might have a trade in the works. the Knicks would send Charlie Ward, and Kurt Thomas to Utah for Greg Ostertag.
NHO Commentary No way this deal happens. Utah has 4 Point gaurds under contract(Terry Included), and 6 guys who can play the PF spot. and Ostertag is Utah's only true center. this is just another Scott Layden trying to fill up his team with players with Utah ties.(I think he has a Utah Fetish)
Utah Jazz
The Memphis Star is reporting that the Jazz and Grizzlies have a trade in the Works that would send Gaurd Brevin Knight to Utah for a 2nd round pick.
NHO Commentary Slow news day. This trade makes a little more sense for the Jazz then the other one(see above), pervided the Jazz dont land Jason Terry. Utah would need a vetran PG, and his $5 Million dollar contract will help Utah get to the $31 Million dollar mark(NBA Minimum Salary). plus Utah does have 2 second round pick in 2005.