Clevland Cavs/Clevland Rockers
The Clevland Cavs have decided to no longer support the WNBA Clevland Rockers. The team says that they much rather focus on the Cavs, and their future. This doesnt mean the end of the Rockers. the team could be sold, or could relocate, but that decission is up to the WNBA.

Miami Heat
Heat forward and Former LA Lakers player Samake Walkers has had DUI charges against him dropped.

Portland Trailblazers
The Portland Trailblazers today signed free agents Jarold Hunnycutt, and Scott Padgett. Hunnycutt last saw action two years ago with Milwaukee. Padgett has played his entire 4 year carrer with the Utah Jazz. Padgett played in all 82 games last year with the Jazz, the first time in his carrer.