Houston Rockets
The Houston Rockets signed Forward/Center Peter Cornell, Cornell played 6 games last year with the Atlanta Hawks, and has been in preseason camps the last three years.

Golden State Warriors
Warriors GM Chris Mullin wants disgrunteled Point Gaurd Nick Van Exel to stay. This is what Mullin told Media. Van Exel has been hinting trade every since he arrived in Golden State.

Los Angeles Lakers
A swiss man has been arrested for allegdedly trying to kill the 19 year old woman who accuses Lakers star Kobe Bryant of rape. the man was asking for $3 Million dollars.

Milwaukee Bucks
The Milwaukee Bucks announced plans to buy out Forward Anthony Mason's contract. Mason was signed to the Bucks in the 2001-02 season, and has been a regular starter every since. but according to the Bucks management, Mason has been "a cancer" to the team, and has caused numorous problems in the Locker room.