Chicago Bulls point gaurd Jay Williams has set the 2004-05 Season as his comeback year. Williams was injurd last june in a Motorcycle accident. and some wonder if he will ever play again

Charlotte Bobcats
Former NBA Legand Michael Jordan wont be joining the Bobcats this season. Bobcats owner Robert Johnson has been pursuing Jordan since Jordan announced his retirment from the Washington Wizards last season. the Bobcats wont begin play until the 2004-05 season.

Dallas Mavericks
Dallas Mavericks forward Danny Fortson, who was just aquired from the Golden State Warriors. says he is happy to be in Dallas, and thinks the change will help his carrer.

Orlando Magic
Orlando Magic superstar Tracy McGrady says that 5% of NBA players are gay. at least thats what he told Stuff magazine. he claims to have witness this behavior in the Lockerrooms. though he declined to say which players where gay.