Boston Celtics Celtics forward Vin Baker has admitted to being an alcoholic. Baker who was aquired last summer from Seattle has appearntly been using Alcohol for some time.

Denver Nuggets The Denver Nuggets signed vetran gaurd Vashon Lenard. Lenard who last year spent the season with the Toronto Raptors, will make his second stop in Denver, where he played two season.
Denver is also meeting with Former All-star and Magic forward Center Shawn Kemp. the Nuggets feel that by adding Kemp their front court will bloster.

Detroit Pistons The Pistons finaly signed first round pick Darko Millicic. Millicic who was the second overall pick in last summers draft, had been having a hard time getting out of his current contract with his European team.

Los Angeles Lakers Lawyers for LA Lakers guard Kobe Bryant want his rape trial hearing closed to the public. they feel that if the Media is allowed in, it could hurt their clients chances of a fair trail.

Utah Jazz On September 11th the Jazz signed free agent point gaurd Jason Terry to an offer sheet. the offer sheet appears to be worth about $45 Million for 6 years. also the Jazz signed second round point gaurd Maurice "Mo" Williams. Williams who was the 47th pick in the draft, is also a point gaurd, and the Jazz may have a delema on their hands if Atlanta doesnt match Tery's offer sheet. the Jazz would have 4 point gaurd on their team.(Terry, Williams, Carlos Arroyo, and Raul Lopez).