Clevland Cavs
The Cavs signed Center Jelani McCoy. McCoy a journeyman who has spent time in Seattle, Los Angeles Lakers, and last season with Toronto was rumored to be going to Miami, but a deal never finalized.

Houston Rockets
The Houston Rockets waived Forward Center Guy Rucker. Rucker who played 6 games last season with the Warriors, signed with Houston earlier this month.

Los Angeles Lakers
Lakers gaurd Kobe Bryant who is facing criminal rape charges in Colorado had another blow to his case today, when the judge ruled that his accuser wont have to be put on the stand.
NHO Commentary: Isnt this illeagle? doest Kobe have thw writ to face his accuser, as due by the 6th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States?
The Lakers also offically signed swingman Byron Russell today. Russell who spend nine years in Utah, and last season in Washington,will join former Jazzman Karl Malone with the LA Lakers.