Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles lakers.
Team of the year

Los Angeles Clippers
Exect of the year

Pat Riley of Miami
Rookie of the year

Chris Paul of New Orleans/Oklahoma City

Andrei Kirilenko of Utah
Coach of the year

Mike Dunleavy of the LA Clippers

Mike James of Toronto
6th man

Mike Miller
Suprise of the year

New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets

Shaquille O'Neal of Miami
Most Overpaid

Kevin Garnett of Minnestoa

Other Awards
Worst Pick- Frans Vasquez, Orlando
Best Pick- Chris Paul, New Orleans/Oklahoma City
feel good story- The Hornets
Worst coach- Larry Brown, New York
Worst move by team: New York trading an unprotected first round pick for Eddy Curry
Best Move by a team: Hornets for drafting Chris Paul
Most Desperate move: New York trading expiring contracts for larger contracts on mid first round picks

All NBA first team
C- Pau Gasol
F- Lebron James
F- Tim Duncan
G- Kobe Bryant
G- Steven Nash
All NBA Rookie team
C- Channing Frye
F- Charlie Villanueva
F- Danny Granger
G- Deron Williams
G- Chris Paul
All NBA Defensive team
C- Ben Wallace
F- Bruce Bowen
F- Andrei Kirilenko
G- Ron Artest
G- Chauncy Billups

Previous winners.
2005-Steve Nash
2004-Tim Duncan
2003-Tim Duncan
2002-Tim Duncan 

2005-Emeka Okafor
2004-Dwayne Wade
2003-Yao Ming
2002-Pau Gasol

2005-Bobby Simmons
2004-Carlos Arroyo
2003-Matt Harpring
2002-Jermaine O'Neal

Worst Pick
2005-Rafeal Arajuo
2004-Darko Millicic
2003-Curtis Borchardt
2002-Dasagana Diop
team of the year
2003-Golden State

2005-Ben Wallace
2004-Andrei Kirilenko
2003-Ben Wallace
2002-Ben Wallace

6th man
2005-Wally Szczerbiak
2004-Antwan Jamison
2003-Andrei Kirilenko
2002-Bobby Jackson

Surprise of the year
2005-Chicago Bulls
2005-Pat Riley
2004-Jerry West

2005-Stan Van Gundy
2004-Hubie Brown/Jerry Sloan
2003-Jerry Sloan
2002-Jim O'Brian

Least Improved
2005-Chris Webber
2004-Allen Iverson
2003-Michael Jordan,David Robinson
2002-John Ameachi

Most Overpaid
2005-Carlos Boozer

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