Detroit Pistons

How they got here
4 games to 1 over Milwaukee
4 games to 3 over New Jersey
4 games to 2 over Indiana

Key Players
G. Chauncey Billups- Key to Detroits title hopes, every game he has had a poor showing this postseason the Pistons have lost. they will need him to continue what he is doing.
G. Richard Hamilton- Tore up Indiana Offensivly; and is a well rounded defensive player to boot. the Pistons will need both his offensive and Defensive abilities vs Kobe.
C. Ben Wallace- Probibly the best pure defensive player in the game. for what he lacks in offensive ability he makes up on the other end.
F. Rasheed Wallace
- A new commer to the Pistons, but has fit in quite well. he should be one of the most valuble assets the pistons have against the Lakers. Wallace faced the Lakers many of times during his stint with the Blazers, so he should know quite well what LA is capable of
Points-Richard Hamilton(21.5) Assist-Chauncey Billups(6.1) Steals-Ben Wallace(35) Blocks-Ben Wallace(51) 3pt%-Mike James(42%) FG%-Mehmet Okur(47%) FT%-Chaucney Billups(87%)

Chauncey Billups
Richard Hamilton

Mike James
Lindsay Hunter
Rasheed Wallace
Tayshaun Prince

Corliss Williamson
Mehmet Okur
Darvin Ham
Ben Wallace
Elden Campbell
Darko Millicic
Larry Brown

Sleeper F. Tayshaun Prince- Had a great series vs Milwaukee, but since then has dropped off. the Pistons should take advantage here at the small forward spot if they want to win.

Los Angeles lakers

How they got here
4 games to 1 over Houston
4 games to 2 over San Antonio
4 games to 2 over Minnesota

Key Players
G. Kobe Bryant
- Probibly the best all around player on the Lakers.
F. Karl Malone- he has been this close before, but has a tendoncy to choke during crutcial times.
C. Shaquille O'Neal-He has a huge frame and knows how to use it, and being alot bigger then Ben Wallace the lakers will need to exlpoit this.
Points-Kobe Bryant(25.1)
Assist-Kobe Bryant(5.8)
Steals-Kobe Bryant(33)
Blocks-Shaquille O'Neal(58)
3pt%-Kareem Rush(47%)
FG%-Shaquille O'Neal(57%)
FT%-Stanislav Medvendenko(84%)

Gary Payton
Kobe Bryant

Derick Fisher
Kareem Rush
Devean George
Karl Malone
Rick Fox
Luke Walton
Brian Cook
Byron Russell
Shaquille O'Neal
Stanislav Medvenendenko

Phil Jackson
G. Gary Payton- Had a rough couple of series vs San Antonio and Minnesota, but the rest between the WCF and the NBA finals will do him alot of good. he was the only Laker to play and start in all 82 games this year, combine that with his age and he has become worn out. but this rest should rejuvinate him.


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